GR: How Many Top 100 YA Books Have I Read #Part 6


It is time for part six of my “How Many Goodreads Top 100 YA Books Have I Read” series. If you haven’t followed any of the previous posts, I’m going through this list I found a while ago, documenting the Top 100 YA books according to Goodreads.

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September Wrap Up.

Hello month where I didn’t read much at all!

Considering I was in such a reading mood at the beginning of the month due to the start of the Fantasy Tropes Readathon, I’ve only read two books!

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GR: How Many Top 100 YA Books Have I Read #4


A month has passed since I did a post for my Top 100 YA Books series and so it is time to dive back into it and get on with post number four! Whilst I keep forgetting about this series I started, I love looking over the list and seeing what popular books I’ve liked, disliked, missed, or never known before, especially as most of my reading is YA-centric.

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My Witch To-Be Read Pile


I have an odd post today because it is a TBR post and I don’t usually do these! The main reason being that I am a mood reader through and through and I cannot stick to TBRs. That’s just the way it is.

However I do have a TBR the length of my arm full of books about witches and I’m hoping to smash through most of it in the next few weeks because I am in such a witch-related reading mood at the moment.

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Goodreads – How Many Top 100 YA Books Have I Read? Part #1

Ever since Beth @OffTheShelf introduced me to the wider world of YA fiction four years ago, I have fallen down the YA rabbit hole. Just take a look my shelves (physical and Goodreads) to see how much YA I now read, and it has got to the stage where nothing seems that new or spectacular to me anymore. I still love reading them but I find that once you’ve read up to 100 YA books, you’ve read them all.

And that got me thinking.

Out of all the big YA books, how many have I actually read?

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Review – Everless


Title – Everless

Author – Sara Holland

Series/Standalone – Series

Book Number – 1

Genre – YA Fantasy/Dystopia

Date of Publication – 27th December 2017 (UK)

Number of Pages – 361


When your own blood and personal time is a currency, how far would you go to save your loved ones and give them more time than they currently possess?

In the world of Sempera, societal classes could not be more distinct. As the rich control time, they have it in abundance, turning blood into iron coins which they then use on themselves to help them live for centuries. The poor, however, bleed themselves dry, trying to find enough time to feed themselves and pay rent.

For our main character Jules, time is running out. She and her father don’t have enough time to pay their rent arrears and she will do anything to help save him, even give up some of her own time. When an opportunity arises to work at Everless, the large estate in Sempera and home to the Gerling family, Jules takes it, even if it means leaving her father behind and stepping into a world she’s been told to avoid at all costs.

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July – December ’18 Pre-Orders

Hello everyone!

It has been a while but I’m back with a post I should have done a while ago – my up and coming pre-orders from now until December.

I can’t tell you how excited and hyped I am for all of these books and having to wait that little bit longer for them is testing my patience. I’m half praying that some arcs of these are dropped at YALC, but if not or there is too much of a scrum for them, I would rather wait. Besides, waiting means I can get any important re-reading done at the same time.

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