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5 Unfinished Series.

My reading habits often throw me into deep water. As a fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction reader, the vast majority of my books are series and I can't always binge read them in one go. I'm always swapping and changing them around, or throwing the odd standalone in the mix to shake things up a… Continue reading 5 Unfinished Series.

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Under-hyped YA Contemporaries.

Hello! Welcome to the post where I ramble and rave about a few Young Adult books I consider to be rather under-hyped. By this I mean those books I've rarely heard spoken about in the YA book community and seem to fall under the radar. You know we all have these lists of books we… Continue reading Under-hyped YA Contemporaries.

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Disneyland Attractions I’d Love To Experience

Hello! Over a month or so ago, my family was throwing about the idea of a holiday to America and specifically, California. We scrapped it in the end due to family circumstances and the like but I got to thinking about Disneyland and what I would have loved to experience on such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… Continue reading Disneyland Attractions I’d Love To Experience