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Sarah’s New and Anticipated Releases

Following the publication of my "anticipated releases" post a few days ago, Sarah asked me if I would share some of the new and upcoming books she's looking forward to reading. They're all pretty much Children and Middle Grade Fantasy so you never know, some of these might make their way onto my reading lists… Continue reading Sarah’s New and Anticipated Releases

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Books Filled With ‘Magic’

As readers of fiction we all love the fact that as soon as we open a new book and read that first line, reality fades and fantasy comes to life. It's akin to walking under the Main Street Railroad station, turning onto Main Street USA and seeing that Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella castle straight ahead.… Continue reading Books Filled With ‘Magic’

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January to April Pre-Orders.

Hello. Welcome to what is me wincing and feeling excited all at the same time because there are too many great looking and sounding books coming out in the next few months. To say I'm hyped for all of them is quite an understatement. I'm squealing! As there are quite a few books to get… Continue reading January to April Pre-Orders.