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What I’ve Been Watching On Disney+

Disney+ launched at the most perfect moment for us in the UK - March 24th aka the start of Lockdown. 100 days since then (at the time I'm writing this), those of us who signed up have certainly had enough time to sort through everything Disney+ has to offer and collate an array of lists… Continue reading What I’ve Been Watching On Disney+

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The Most Recent Films I’ve Watched and Loved!

I'm always one to talk about all the books I've read and things I've crocheted over the months but I rarely talk about film and tv, which is silly as I have a whole category on this blog dedicated to film and tv. I think as I rarely bother with the huge programmes or take… Continue reading The Most Recent Films I’ve Watched and Loved!

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Halloween – Disney Edition

Hello! It's time for the grin grinning ghosts to take a step out of Phantom Manor, join forces with the villains and cause chaos because Halloween is around the corner and there's nothing better than a Disney Halloween. It is fun, colourful, interactive, full of spooky magic and generally awesome. And I'm saying this as… Continue reading Halloween – Disney Edition

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Childhood Disney Films.

When we were growing up and watching Disney films for the first time, there were always certain ones that we would constantly re-watch time and time again. It didn't matter that there were others to experience and enjoy, those films would always remain on the back burner whilst we plunged head first into worlds that… Continue reading Childhood Disney Films.