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Sarah’s New and Anticipated Releases

Following the publication of my "anticipated releases" post a few days ago, Sarah asked me if I would share some of the new and upcoming books she's looking forward to reading. They're all pretty much Children and Middle Grade Fantasy so you never know, some of these might make their way onto my reading lists… Continue reading Sarah’s New and Anticipated Releases

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Books Read in 2019 That Weren’t For Me

Traditionally, it is usually time for the "worst of" books but I decided to scrap that idea this year because I don't really have any books that fit that category. It also seems harsh towards those books I read and didn't like so much because at the end of the day, those dislikes come down… Continue reading Books Read in 2019 That Weren’t For Me

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Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Books – If I Can’t Love Her.

Hello! Welcome back to Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Books, the series where I match three books to a Disney song. This time I am here with a song recommendation from Fran Laniado - If I Can't Love Her from the stage adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. I'm glad she recommended it as I absolutely love this song for… Continue reading Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Books – If I Can’t Love Her.

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We Totally Judged Books By Their Covers!

Gorgeous book covers are clearly in vogue right now! Quite a few of the books Sarah and I have bought recently have some of the most stunning covers with amazing art and colours, and we are in awe! Seriously as much as we want to read these books, we don't want to damage these covers… Continue reading We Totally Judged Books By Their Covers!

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Adult & Non-Fiction Releases Of 2018

Or more accurately, yes I do read more than just YA fiction! Hello! Welcome back to the second part of my anticipated and interesting releases post. When I set off to write the original post I didn't anticipate on wanting to write a second. However, whilst there is nothing wrong with being excited for any… Continue reading Adult & Non-Fiction Releases Of 2018