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My Experience With DLP’s Green Card

I know I'm posting this super late but it's taken me a while to get the right words together to write this in full. Anyone who has been on Twitter since the Marvel (or not so Marvel) Soirée at Disneyland Paris has probably seen the outcry relating to DLP's treatment of disabled guests and the… Continue reading My Experience With DLP’s Green Card

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Favourite Shows in Disneyland Paris

Hello! I'm on a mission at the minute to grow my repertoire of Top 5 lists and this time I want to dive back into Disneyland Paris, and specifically the shows they have produced over the years. Whilst I haven't been back since 2012, I feel fortunate to have experienced the park at some of… Continue reading Favourite Shows in Disneyland Paris

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Changes to the Disneyland Hotel

Hello! In the last few weeks or so, there have been some interesting and exciting Disneyland Paris announcements. Most of these are focusing on updates and the addition of a couple of attractions like Philharmagic. However, one of the big updates that has me worrying a lot, is the proposed changes to the Disneyland Hotel… Continue reading Changes to the Disneyland Hotel