What’s On My Bedside Table? – Aug 2019

I don’t know why I can’t call this “what I’m currently reading,” but I kind of prefer the sound of “what’s on my bedside table?” Also I’m currently watching back episodes of The Bakery Bears (one of my favourite knitting video podcasts) and they ask a similar question to talk about the projects they’ve done, that they’re working on, and also the books they’re reading, and it’s stuck in my head!

By no means is this a TBR because we all know I cannot make and stick to TBRs. It is definitely along the lines of a “currently reading” post because I have started and read quite a bit of the four books on my bedside table.

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Words of Wisdom – Priory of the Orange Tree


In darkness, we are naked. Our truest selves. Night is when fear comes to us at its fullest, when we have no way to fight it. It will do everything it can to seep inside you. Sometimes it may succeed – but never think that you are the night.

p.203 (ch17)

Currently Reading – 14/07/18


Yes it is me, the person who hasn’t written and posted anything for a few days because life has needed more from me that writing cannot really provide. it’s also been a little emotionally draining and trying to write and even read wasn’t coming easily. However, I think things are a little on the up and I can’t wait to get back into the reading and writing spirit in time for YALC which is now two weeks away!!

Seriously, how is it coming around that fast!

Geesh time, slow down a little please. I have too many books I want to hopefully read in those two weeks.

Anyway, speaking of books, I have two currently on the go:


Alice by Christina Henry – a book I started a couple of days ago thinking, yeah I can get through this in a day, but alas I was mistaken. Whilst I am liking this rather dark reimagining of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and I’m intrigued as to where the plot will go, I can only read a few chapters of this at a time.

Everless by Sara Holland – Time is clearly a theme of the day as what can be more fitting than reading a book based around time and its value. I’m also flying through it which is a good thing so hopefully I will finish it later on today. As of the first 100 or so pages, it’s not bad. I like it enough to want to keep reading and discover more about Jules and why she needs to stay away from the Queen, however, I already sense it’s not going to be a top ranking book for me. I feel that the characters are a bit one-dimensional at the moment and I like my characters, especially protagonists, to be full of depth and complexity. Who knows, maybe it will surprise me.

If I do manage to finish it though, my currently reading pile might just grow by a couple more books. I’m thinking:


They’re also a little out of my comfort zone as I’ve never read anything by Melinda Salisbury or Joanne Harris before. Hopefully they live up to the hype as I’ve heard relatively good things about both of them.

Anyway, I don’t want this post to be too long and I want to get back to my reading!

Have you read any of these books?
What are you currently reading?

Have a brazzle dazzle day!


Currently Reading Book Tag


As I am slowly falling underneath all of the Disney posts I need to research and write, I thought I would bring you an easy book post in the form of a tag. This one is the “Currently Reading” book tag and I discovered it over on Paperback Pilgrim’s blog! I wasn’t tagged or anything but it looks fun and I always love sharing my reading habits.

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