August Reading Wrap Up.

The month end has come round again and it feels as if I haven’t done a wrap up post for a while. I honestly cannot remember the last time I sat down to write one!

Anyway, I’ve had a great reading month diving into an ARC of a spin-off series, re-reading some favourites, and re-reading a first book in a series I knew I’d enjoy more the second time round.

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Books Filled With ‘Magic’

As readers of fiction we all love the fact that as soon as we open a new book and read that first line, reality fades and fantasy comes to life. It’s akin to walking under the Main Street Railroad station, turning onto Main Street USA and seeing that Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella castle straight ahead. This is where the magic starts. It is where you feel at home and everything around you is filled with joy, discovery, and excitement. They are also the memories that never fade and which you love to experience time and time again on closing the back cover.

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