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Have I Read My 2019 Anticipated Releases?

After a week or so's unplanned hiatus, I am back with a post I was inspired to write after reading @SylviaReadsBooks's recent post. As the title suggests, it is all about my anticipated releases from last year and whether or not I have actually read them all. I have 23 books altogether so before I… Continue reading Have I Read My 2019 Anticipated Releases?

Sarah's Recommendations

Sarah’s New and Anticipated Releases

Following the publication of my "anticipated releases" post a few days ago, Sarah asked me if I would share some of the new and upcoming books she's looking forward to reading. They're all pretty much Children and Middle Grade Fantasy so you never know, some of these might make their way onto my reading lists… Continue reading Sarah’s New and Anticipated Releases

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July to December ’19 Pre-Orders

Hello! It's time for a pre-order post and I'm super excited by all the books that are being published throughout this second half of the year. They sound absolutely amazing, and I'm nearly willing time to speed up so that I can get my hands on them. I am fine with being patient and waiting,… Continue reading July to December ’19 Pre-Orders

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January to April Pre-Orders.

Hello. Welcome to what is me wincing and feeling excited all at the same time because there are too many great looking and sounding books coming out in the next few months. To say I'm hyped for all of them is quite an understatement. I'm squealing! As there are quite a few books to get… Continue reading January to April Pre-Orders.

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Adult & Non-Fiction Releases Of 2018

Or more accurately, yes I do read more than just YA fiction! Hello! Welcome back to the second part of my anticipated and interesting releases post. When I set off to write the original post I didn't anticipate on wanting to write a second. However, whilst there is nothing wrong with being excited for any… Continue reading Adult & Non-Fiction Releases Of 2018

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10 Anticipated YA Releases of 2018

Actually the more accurate of titles would have the adage of "in which I want ALL THE BOOKS!!!" however that would make for too long a title and I don't do those. Anyway... Hello! I don't often ask this question much, but how is everyone? I'm absolutely buzzing at the moment (well at the time… Continue reading 10 Anticipated YA Releases of 2018