Naughty or Nice Book Tag


I’m here today with a tag, and I’m looking forward to this one because it has been sat in my drafts folder for ages. I was tagged by Asha – a fairly new member to our growing community – at A Cat, A Book, And A Cup Of Tea and the tag was originally created by Jen.

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Justice League Book Tag


Hope everyone is doing okay!

I’m back again with another tag and really the book tags are coming round thick and fast at the moment. This time, I was tagged by Kate at Reading Through Infinity to do the Justice League Book Tag, which was created by Angelica and Rosie from Book Cover Girls.

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Soul Ripping Romance Tag


How is everyone today?

I don’t know what I’ll be like when this post actually goes live, but as of right now, it is 4am and I can’t sleep. Quite a few things are driving me crazy but my general lack of sleep is right at the top of the list! I don’t know how that is affecting the quality of my blog posts but I’ll admit I tend to get more done at this stupid time of the morning.

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Currently Reading Book Tag


As I am slowly falling underneath all of the Disney posts I need to research and write, I thought I would bring you an easy book post in the form of a tag. This one is the “Currently Reading” book tag and I discovered it over on Paperback Pilgrim’s blog! I wasn’t tagged or anything but it looks fun and I always love sharing my reading habits.

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Totally Should’ve Book Tag


Welcome to the first tag post of the year. This tag is the Totally Should’ve Book Tag and I was tagged by Michaela at Journey Into Books . I think I have seen this tag go around the blogosphere so I’m glad to finally get to it!

So, let’s just get right in!

Totally Should’ve Gotten A Sequel

Image result for the host
Most of the books I love as standalones end up getting a sequel anyway but one I wish had a sequel was The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Now I’m sure I did hear rumours of a sequel at one point but nothing happened, which was a real shame. I think this world would benefit from a sequel because it is such an interesting concept and it has far-reaching consequences. I also loved this book more than I expected to and I wanted more from it.

Totally Should’ve Had A Spin-off Series.

Image result for the daughter of smoke and bone

I just need more of Zuzana and Mik. Also I would love to know more about the story from Eliza’s perspective because I really liked her in Dreams of Gods and Monsters, and she didn’t get as much recognition as I would have liked.

Totally Should’ve Finished Differently

Image result for half bad trilogy

I just need or want a certain character to not die.

Totally Should’ve Had A Film Franchise

I have no idea for this one considering a lot of the book series I do like have films or tv series.

Totally Should’ve Had A TV Show

Image result for all souls trilogy

Similarly to the film question, I don’t really know. However, I am highly anticipating the tv show for A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness because I’ve been wanting an expansion of this world for a while now and it’s finally coming!

I also think the world inhabited by Illuminae, Gemina and the anticipated Obsidio would make for a great TV show.

Totally Should’ve Had One Point of View.

Image result for the casual vacancy

I’m usually okay when it comes to multiple POVs but I got incredibly lost by The Casual Vacancy and I really didn’t enjoy it.

Totally Should’ve Had A Cover Change.

I can’t think of any because most of the books I have and know of – especially series – tend to get a cover change anyway.

Totally Should’ve Stopped Reading.

Multiple answer alert for this question!

             Image result for fangirl book cover Image result for dark days club

 Image result for the hobbit book

I really didn’t like any of these books. I found them all to be boring and I stupidly read them until the very end in case they improved.

Totally Should’ve Kept The Cover.

Oh, what an easy question.

Related image

I don’t like the original covers (which I unfortunately have and can’t afford to replace) and I’m not the greatest fan of the most recent covers, even though it runs across the entire Shadowhunter universe. However, I loved these minimalist covers that TMI came out with a few years ago. They don’t have people on the cover, which is a bit of a pet-peeve of mine, and they’re pretty. We all love the pretty covers and I think if these had been given more of a chance, they would have lasted longer. It’s a shame really.

Totally Shouldn’t Have Prejudged.


By this I’m saying that I shouldn’t have prejudged The Language of Thorns to be absolutely amazing because it fell a little flat for me. I did like it but I wasn’t as mad for it as I wanted to be.

And that slight disappointment ends this tag.

I don’t know how many of you have done this tag so I’m going to say if you’re reading this and haven’t done it, you are tagged!

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

Me in Characters Book Tag


Here’s another post for today as I found myself being tagged by Ash and Lo at Windowsill Books to do their brand new and original book tag titled “Me in Characters.” I love the idea of this tag bringing out our own unique personalities and then sharing with all of you who we are behind the screens. It’s nice and it makes a change because sometimes it is easy to lose ourselves in our writing and forget to be individual.

Anyway, the rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the creators of the tag
  2. Thank whoever tagged you!
  3. List 5 book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  4. Tag your friends!

Thanks guys for creating a rather challenging tag as it did take me a while to think up most of these characters!

So what characters am I most like?

Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Curious, getting myself into bother because I sometimes act before thinking, daydreaming, finding more sense in fantasy rather than reality…. When I was little, I even used to resemble Alice quite a bit with the blonde hair and headband, the pinafore and black shoes. 

Isla from Isla and the Happily Ever After

Isla and I doubt ourselves a lot, we don’t know what we want and it takes a while to realise that moving forward as a blank slate is nothing bad. We take inspiration from other people and use that to help ourselves. I’m also very overprotective of my younger sister. 

Steffi from A Quiet Kind of Thunder. 

Unlike Steffi, I don’t have selective mutism but I can get rather shy and struggle verbally communicating what I want to say, especially amongst people I don’t know. Often when this happens, I start signing (British Sign Language – like Steffi uses). As I am using BSL alongside English every day, I find it easy to switch between the two and often it feels more natural when I am signing. It’s the fact we both have a choice as to what language we want and feel comfortable with using.

I know this is not the tag to showcase quotes or anything but the one thing that connects me to Steffi is this particular passage. It just highlights everything I’ve been thinking about BSL for years, and I’m so grateful to Sara Bernard for recognising this:

Here’s what I learn: that thing I told myself about us speaking the same language? Yeah, that was bullshit. Total, hearing-person oblivious bullshit. They speak this language, and I know some of it. I can understand it and even communicate using it if everyone goes a bit more slowly than usual and is willing to repeat themselves at the sight of my flummoxed face. But I speak it in the same way that someone who gets a B in GCSE French can speak French when they go to Paris on holiday. As in, can speak it to other people who also got a B in GCSE French. Actual French people? Not. So. Much. BSL is, at best, my second language. My stuttering, earnest second language, where I am trying my hardest but will need several more months – if not years – to be properly fluent. But now I understand what the difference is. All of those occasions were in the hearing world. It was BSL as subtitles; BSL as an extra tool. This is the deaf world, something I’d never really given much thought to even existing until now when I can see it in front of me. Five BSL speakers having two different conversations across a living room at once, laughing at jokes, getting each other’s attention with taps on the table and clicks in the air. It’s seamless and intuitive and fun to watch.

Mary Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

This is one I’ve come to realise more every time I re-read Pride and Prejudice. Quiet, solitary, always reading, preferring my own company, being a wallflower when it comes to parties and large gatherings, sticking closely to people I already know… The only thing that does separate us is that I don’t play the piano, or not brilliantly anyway.

Belle from As Old As Time: A Twisted Tale. 

Seriously, do I need to explain this one? She is Disney’s Belle after all and the fictional character I relate to the most. A book worm, stuck living in a provincial village, feeling outcast, dreaming of far off places, looking for acceptance and knowledge, wanting to make a difference…

So that’s it – me in five book characters.

This was a lot more difficult than I expected!

Anyway, now is the time to start tagging people and I’ll go for:

Lia @ Lost in a Story

Emma @ The Terror of Knowing 

Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books 

Mima @ Signs of YA

That is it, so thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


My Bookish Identity



I was very kindly tagged by Fran to do to the Bookish Identity Tag and this is one I certainly cannot wait to do. It looks very fun and definitely right up my street in terms of book tags!

As there is nothing to really ramble about, let’s get to it!

1. What dystopian/fantastical world would you live in?

I have many go-to answers for this question, some of which are the Wizarding World and Neverland. However, to go for something completely different, it would be intriguing to live in Red London from the Darker Shade of Magic series.

2. Who would your partner be?

I’m going to assume that we are interpreting ‘partner’ to mean a romantic partner, and in all likelihood, I would choose Jem from The Infernal Devices. He’s such a sweetheart, kind, and an all-around Victorian gentleman. Sorry, Tessa!

3. Who would be your godly mother/father (Percy Jackson)

I’ve only ever read the Lightning Thief so I’m not entirely clued up on the different gods. However, after looking through a few different quizzes, I ended up doing this one and got Athena!

You have been claimed by the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. You are intelligent and adept at learning and can take charge when the situation calls for it. Knowledge is a powerful weapon, and you are great at planning strategies for capture the flag and real fights.

4. Would you be a Downworlder or Nephilim? (Shadowhunters)

vf_rune2c_angelic_1I’d be Nephilim all the way! I’d love to travel to all of the different institutes and see Idris, although I would probably find my home in the London Institute.

5. Which Hogwarts House would you be in? (Harry Potter)

tumblr_ls9lkxuqyt1qaf7tjRight, so Pottermore put me in Ravenclaw. I’m not going to dispute that because I always loved Ravenclaw but sometimes I think I would also be well placed in Hufflepuff.

6. What faction would you be in? (Divergent)

The last time I did a Divergent quiz, I was placed in Abnegation. I have just done this one, and I came out as being Divergent. Really though, you want to be Divergent as that is more well-rounded.

7. What would be your daemon? (His Dark Materials)

Owl quiz

From this particular quiz, my daemon is an owl.

I think I would be happy with that.


So who to tag?

Eva @ Brilliantly Bookish

Emma @ Terror of Knowing

Krista and Dawlyn @ Little Blind Book Finds

And anyone who fancies doing it!


Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!