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Projects For Leftover/Spare Yarn

When we are planning a project and ordering the yarn, it is always sensible to add one or two more skeins/hanks/balls to the basket to make sure we have more than enough. We never know what will happen with the pattern we’re knitting or crocheting – we want to lengthen a jumper or cardigan, our gauge differs from what is said in the pattern, we don’t want to order an extra ball of the same shade half way into a project and have it be a different dye lot, etc…

It’s just always something to think about and do in the project planning process.

However, on completion of that project we might find that we didn’t need that extra bit yarn. So what do we do with it? Stick it in a box or bag along with other extra bits of yarn, or use it in another project?

I say we use it. If the yarn is all of the same weight, for example, DK (double knitting) which uses a recommended needle/hook size of 4mm, get all of it together and make a spare/scrappy project. And there are a lot to choose from.

I thought I’d share my ideas, and any projects I happen to have made from leftover yarn


Depending on how much you have left, it’s fun to be creative and wacky with blankets! Granny squares, stripes, corner to corner… The possibilities are endless! I admit most of my spare/scrappy projects are blankets like you see here:

Cushion covers

I always think this is a great idea if you start working on squares but don’t feel in the mood for a blanket. Also, if you have scrap chunky weight yarn, it it can be a super quick project to make.

Autumn/Winter Accessories: Scarves, Shawls, Mittens, Hats…

Multi-coloured accessories are always fun to knit and crochet. They brighten up a gloomy day and if they’re gifts, the recipients are always in awe at the quirkiness, especially kids.

My most recent finished project is this triangular scarf/shawl which came from a Crochet Now magazine. All of the yarn and colours used, apart from the dark red, was spare from my first Nature’s Walk blanket and even though it probably wasn’t the right spare yarn to use, I really like it and it hasn’t taken long to whip up.

Baby Loveys/Comforters

I always think these are really cute and they’re not the biggest of projects so quite a few can be made depending on how much scrap/spare yarn you have, in quite a short amount of time.

This one I made a couple of years ago as a christening gift was leftover yarn from a baby blanket. And come to think of it, a baby blanket + matching baby comforter could be a really nice gift for a new arrival.


Some toys and amigurumi are so small that you can make multiple projects out of the same ball of yarn. I always use scrap yarn when I want to try amigurumi and this funny looking Oso Donato bear – a few mistakes means mine looks so different from what it is supposed to look like – used some of the yarn that was still leftover from the purple squares blanket.

What projects would you make with spare/leftover yarn?
Has this given you any inspiration for future projects?

Let me know if you have any similar projects in progress or planning.


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