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Crochet 101: How To Make Slip knots

You’re diving into the world of crochet. You want to know how to make beautiful keepsakes for you, your friends and family, but you don’t know where to start.

Little Sparks of Magic will help you! With some handy 101 guides, hopefully you’ll be making and stitching away in no time!

Today’s guide starts right at the beginning – creating a slip knot.

I have two ways of doing this and I will be showing you both. They’re pretty easy once you know how and it will become second nature!


Step 1

Wrap your selected yarn round your index finger twice then hold that in place with the help of your thumb and middle finger.

Step 2

Pull the back strand over the front strand of yarn without letting it fall off your finger.

Step 3

With the strand of yarn that’s now at the back, pull that over the other strand and off your finger

Step 4

Remove your finger from the loop you’ve created. Insert your hook into the loop and pull on the short tail to tighten. However you don’t want to make it too tight as the loop needs to move freely up and down the hook.


Step 1

Make a loop by crossing the yarn, making sure that your active strand is at the front.

Step 2

Bring that active strand to the back of the loop and push it through.

Step 3

Catch the new loop with your hook and pull on the yarn tails to tighten.

There you have it. Two ways to make a slip knot.

If you liked this tutorial and want me to add any more to the blog, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you


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