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Project Catch Up and Monthly Musings.

I’m not getting off to a good start with the idea of sharing the month’s craft musings on a regular basis. We are now into March and all I have are crafting goals. That’s good enough in a sense but it isn’t really what I want, particularly for this blog and my own crafting accomplishments.

I suppose if I balance my time more between crafting and reading then I’ll have more to share!

Easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have projects (finished and current) to share.

Finished Projects!

Nature’s Walk Blanket!!!!

It took a little longer than I originally anticipated so rather than it be given to my mother for Christmas, it was a birthday present instead! Sometimes I cursed this blanket when it came to the yarn splitting with a couple of the stitches and how long it took to finish the border, but otherwise it was an absolute joy to work on. It also taught me how to read crochet charts, which I now love.

Pattern – Nature’s Walk (original squares) and Nature’s Walk Bonus Squares

Designer Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart

Colour pack – “Sweet Meadow,” comprised of Stylecraft Bambino and Belissima yarns in shades: Mellow Yellow, Sugar Snap, Raspberry Riot, Vintage Blue, Denim Dungarees, Soft Pink, and Single Cream.

Hook Sizes – 3.5mm and 4mm (used on the ‘flower’ square as it came out a little smaller compared to the others)

New Projects:

I cast on my first ever jumper!! It was a goal of mine to knit a garment this year but I didn’t expect I’d do it so soon.

Only on straight needles for ease of photographing. I’m mainly working it on circular needles.

It’s quite a nice one for me to start with as the pattern simply consists of a 2×2 rib and endless rows of stockinette stitch – simple knitting that I love doing whilst watching TV! I did have to rip it all back and start again a few days ago as I had gone up too small a size for my rib gauge (I’d used 3.5mm rather than 3.75mm needle) but I’m a lot happier with how it looks now.

Pattern – James C Brett JB414
Yarn – James C Brett Driftwood DK shade DW03 (not the specified yarn which is Stonewashed DK but it has the same meterage and tension)
Needle Sizes – 3.75mm for rib and 4.5mm for the body.

Striped Moss Stitch Baby Blanket

I make blankets when I want to use up yarn in my stash and apart from when there are family and friends to knit/crochet for, charity is always good. I don’t know when the cut off is but Black Sheep Wools are after blanket donations for our local Neonatal units and I thought I’d crochet one in the spirit of things. If I don’t end up donating it because I forget or life happens, it will be added to the growing pile of baby blankets currently sat on top of a full book cart!

Yarn – Sirdar Snuggly DK in shades Pastel Lemon and Goody Gumdrops
Hook Size – 4mm

Rock and Roll Blanket

Am I predictable or what? Yes another blanket, but I was drawn to this because the end result is incredibly colourful and it is all in garter stitch – perfectly mindless! It’s my perfect knitting pattern! It also uses 58 10g tiny balls of Scheepjes Stonewashed and Riverwashed yarn, which I’ve wanted to try for a while and I have to say I really like it. It’s incredibly soft and some of the colours are fabulous!

I expect this to be a long term project I’ll pick up when I feel like it.

Ongoing Projects

Sundown Granny Circle Blanket

This blanket is new and old. I started these squares sometime last year but it was only in January when I started crocheting them together. It is a baby-sized blanket (again!), which is on its final stretch. I just have to finish my border and weave in all the ends!

Yarn – Hayfield Spirit DK in Sundown
Stylecraft Special DK in White

Moonlit Shawl

A summer project from last year that I stopped working on when we were losing light from the changing seasons. Now that we’re moving into spring and we have more natural light during the day, I’m picking it up again. I had most of the body of the shawl done so I’ve only got the final decreases and the border to do before it is finished. My time-frame for this is now to April or July, and I want it done for one of two occasions I’m down in London this year as it would be nice for those cooler, milder evenings. We’ll see.

Pattern Moonlit Shawl by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart
YarnRico Essentials Cotton Glitz DK in Navy

and lastly…

Incoming Extras

I did have a few incoming bits over January and February – a mix of books, knitting needles, and some more yarn.


  • Harry Potter Knitting Magic because we all need some Harry Potter related knitting in our lives!
  • Knitting With Your Leftovers, which I picked up from The Works
  • Big Book of Knitting which I got from a lady at my craft group who was giving away some of her craft books.

You can pop on over to A Dreamer’s Library if you’re also interested in the fiction books I also accumulated over these two months!


Knitting Needles:

A set of interchangeable knitting needles by Knit Pro which I ordered from Amazon. Needle sizes range from 3.5 to 8mm. Also included were three sizes of cables in red, orange and green, stitch holders, darning needles, cable end stoppers, a couple of needle keys, and the notions pouch. I’m using these to knit my jumper, and I love them! They’re really smooth and the tips will fit the cables I have for my Knit Pro Symfonie tips, which is great!


All of which came from Black Sheep Wools. I walked the 20 minutes to get some cotton for face scrubbies as we had a rare break from the persistent rain and I came out with more yarn that I could see being used for a second Nature’s Walk Blanket! And I didn’t even get the cotton. Darn.

Shades left to right:

  • Grey Mist – Snowflake square!
  • Rio Red – actually quite a darker, wine/burgundy colour than what comes up in the above photo and stock photos on BSW’s website. To me this screams the ‘berry’ square.
  • Purple Passion
  • Double Denim
  • Single Cream – still have about 170g of this left over from Nature’s Walk but I wanted another ball in case I needed it.

And now I’ve written that, I’m itching to work up a few squares and see what they look like!

Yarn and project excitement aside, I hope to work on quite a few of these over March. I say that, but there will be another puppy to constantly look after so we’ll see how much I get done. And if that’s not enough life, we’re also in the middle of having the house decorated. That means a lot of chaos and mess. Honestly don’t be surprised if I turn up to blog again after being missing for a while, buried under all the books and project bags in my bedroom!

That’s enough waffling.

Thank you for sticking with me and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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