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WDAS Life Lessons – Cinderella

Out of all three original Walt Disney princess films, Cinderella is the film that really brings to light the lessons of holding on to ones dreams, being kind, compassionate, and having the belief life will get better.

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For this reason, Cinderella as a character is the main focus because she is the one who exudes all that and more. Treated appallingly by Lady Tremaine, and her step-sisters, she relies on that resilience and tenacity to change her circumstances. Yes, she has a little help on the way from the mice mending her initial ball gown to her Fairy Godmother sending her to the ball looking dazzlingly beautiful, but when she is forced to slave away, she stays kind, compassionate and always tries to find the goodness in everything.

She is the life lesson we need in today’s world where every day there are more accounts of brutality, hostility, and meaningless violence. She breaks on occasion, but she carries on always believing in that strength and kindness.

It is no wonder that is the main message Disney felt it was important to portray with the Live Action film.

Have courage and be kind

Believe in your own strength.

And I know I’ve plugged it countless times before, but we’re music fans on Life Lessons and ‘Strong’ from the Live Action film encompasses all of this. It’s also one of my favourites!

I think I’ll leave it there.

What are some of the life lessons you learn from Cinderella?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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