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How I Organise My Blogging

Having run various blogs over the years, one of the main lessons I’ve learnt is to stay organised. Knowing what you want to write and when, doing any research (if necessary), keeping note of any new ideas, knowing your review deadlines etcetera…

All that needs to be organised, otherwise blogging is overwhelming and not the fun escape a lot of us want from this experience.

It might sound as if there are a myriad of things you have to take into consideration when organising your blogging life, but there aren’t. It can be very simple, which is good because simplicity is the way forward. It’s easy!

That being said, this isn’t the post highlighting the positives about organisation. This is me sharing what I do and use to keep myself organised.

A notebook

When it comes to a blogging notebook, I’m not super picky about what I use. I just use this Cath Kidston notebook my sister gave me but when this runs out, and will do soon, I’ll pick up a bog standard notebook from the stationers. I mainly use it to write down blogging ideas and then notes for blog posts I’m planning.


Image result for evernote

Basically just a digitised version of all my blogging notes and ideas. I like Evernote over other note taking apps because I can have different notebooks for A Dreamers Library and Little Sparks of Magic and keep the blogs separate. Also I can tag internet articles into my notes so that when I come to writing the posts, I don’t have to scroll through my history or favourites looking for the link.

A Calendar Spreadsheet

This is probably the most important tool I use. I would be completely lost with my spreadsheet otherwise I wouldn’t know what posts I’d be posting and when. I made this very simply with Numbers on Mac using the calendar template and that was that. The boxes are big enough to write in the titles of my posts and if I need to make a scheduling change, I can move selected boxes to a different day.

There’s honestly nothing much to it. It was very quick to set up and has been easy to maintain ever since. Good job really because I somehow deleted and lost my original spreadsheet a few months ago! Oops.

And that’s it. Just three simple tools that make my blogging life easier and tidier. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. It makes planning and writing something I enjoy doing, rather than feeling like a chore, especially as I like to do it in large batches.

What do you use to keep your blogging life organised?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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