Crafting Goals For 2020


Recently, I published a post based on my highs and lows of 2019 and now it is time to be in a more positive mindset with my knitting and crochet. This means creating some goals for the new year and making it bigger and better than ever.

Finish all my incomplete and languishing WIPs.

  • Nature’s Walk CAL,
  • Sundown Granny Blanket
  • Vintage Flower Shade Granny Blanket
  • Moonlit Shawl
  • Stylecraft Batik Winter Mitts

Learn how to make proper socks

Yes. Socks with ribbing, heels, gussets and everything that makes handmade socks glorious. These will teach me new skills rather than those horrible tubular socks from last year that simply tested my patience. Also, I see basic and beginner patterns everywhere so they shouldn’t be too much trouble to try.

Make at least one garment.

This isn’t one that is set in stone but I would like to get my knitting to a stage where I could possibly start making garments. Even if it is only one simply knitted jumper, I’d like the challenge.

Use up yarn from my leftover stash bag!

The leftover stash bag is pretty self explanatory – a bag full of yarn that is left over from other projects. Whilst it may seem that I make nothing but big projects, I make a lot of little things too and the leftover yarn would be perfect for them. It also saves me walking the 20 minutes to Black Sheep Wools to get more yarn which will also end up added to the stash!

Learn some basic sewing skills.

Sewing has always been my nemesis and whilst I can deal with buttons, small holes, badges and the like, everything else fills me with dread. However, it is becoming a skill I need more than ever so it is time I come face to face with proper sewing and learn!

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