Crafting Highs and Lows of 2019

2019 was the year to tell me how grateful I was for being a crocheter and knitter. It gave me a distraction when I couldn’t focus on a book, and helped me to cope with the challenges the year brought

It was everything I needed it to be, but like everything, it wasn’t perfect. It had its moments and those moments will ultimately provide me with goals and lessons going into 2020.

Anyway, we’re talking about crafting highs and lows so let’s leave that until later and jump right in.

Lows first.

Tubular socks.

I can’t quite remember when it was now but my grandmother asked me to knit her some socks, knowing full well that the extent of my knitting is bad hats and scarves. And what’s worse, they were socks without heels. Now you’d think this would be a great first sock to start with as there are no fixed measurements, heels and gussets to deal with but I could not find a pattern that worked for me. It also threw me into the confusing world of DPNs, Short Circular and Interchangeable needles which now actually has me in its thrall.

As you can see, I did start making these and I was making these with the help of the Strictly Sock Along hosted by Ali @LittleDropsOfWonderful but a little springer spaniel munchkin came home with my sister one night and changed everything!!! Gone was the focus I needed to make these socks and I disliked them so much I haven’t worked on them since.

I’m silently hoping my grandmother has forgotten all about them so I’m off the hook (pun intended).

Caron Simply Soft Yarn

Image result for caron simply soft yarn

Image result for caron simply soft paints yarn

This yarn and I don’t get along. The “paints” yarn might look pretty in all its variegated glory but it is definitely my least favourite out of all the yarns I’ve worked with. My problem with it is the feel of the yarn itself. Yes it is soft, but it is too soft and sleek that I cannot control it. Also my “paints” yarn is a rainbow yarn that has turned out to be too bright, fussy, and loud when worked up on its own. Other people would probably like and be fine with it but not me. I’lll use the cream and rainbow shades I have for the child’s granny stripe blanket I started a while ago but once that is finished, I won’t be purchasing this yarn again.

There were at least two or three months when my crafting motivation dropped.

I think it had to be the heat and humidity that comes with a UK summer because I couldn’t bring myself to pick up any project I had on the go, or even start a new one. I couldn’t even function on a human level so crafting was impossible.


Joining the craft group at my local library.

Social groups fill me with utter dread but in the spirit of trying to overcome that anxiety, I pushed myself to go and honestly it was one of the best things I ever did. Being surrounded by like-minded people is always nice and we always have a good natter whilst crafting. Let’s just say nothing about all the tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits we also consume in the process. It is definitely beneficial to my mental wellbeing and I do want to keep going in 2020.

The Nature’s Walk CAL by Cherry Heart and Black Sheep Wools

Nature’s Walk CAL link

Okay I have not yet finished the final touches to this blanket (I think I have five border rounds remaining as well as a few unwoven ends), but working on this blanket has taught me a lot, and I love that I’ve been able to support one of my favourite crafty podcasters/designers as well as my Local Yarn Store. It was also my first CAL and having that added community online via the Ravelry and BSWCAL group was fantastic whenever I became stuck or had a query.

Blankets galore!

Next to Nature’s Walk, I just seemed to make blanket after blanket. There were two corner to corner baby blankets, a granny stripe baby blanket, the purple granny sqaure blanket, and then over a month or so ago I decided to join some squares together that I’d had stashed away and work another granny blanket.

Honestly, minus two of the baby blankets, I should call 2019 the year of the granny square!

Book Sleeves

Out of all the smaller projects, my book sleeve has to be the project I’m most proud of because it is of my own making and design. It is a pretty simple stitch and row repeat but it took quite a bit of trial and error to get the right stitch count so I’m glad it all worked out!

Teaching my sister how to crochet.

I’m a bad influence on my sister. I’ve got her into books and reading and now it is crochet. Whoops. No, it is actually a good thing as it gives us a shared interest and it helps us both mentally, which is important.

And I think that’s it.

What were your crafting highs and lows of 2019?

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