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5 Changes To My Reading For 2020

January is the month where we outline our reading challenges and goals for the year. It is when we actually look back on the previous year, take it apart, and change what we didn’t like or what didn’t work for us.

I’m definitely feeling that. I’ve noticed over the last few years that there are things I like as a reader and blogger and some things that I either don’t like or don’t work for me. I’ve rambled about this before and 2020 is certainly the time to implement the changes I want to make in terms of my reading and recording that reading.

As the title suggests, I am limiting the number of changes to five. It’s also a nice stopping point because there aren’t too many to deal with, but there are enough for them to be noticeable.

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling and get on with it.

Lowering my Reading Challenge Goal to 40 books.

For the last five or so years, it has teetered between 50 and 60 books. However, last year I stupidly got annoyed with myself for not having completed it when I usually do (between July and September) and it got me thinking why I make a reading goal in the first place. Mainly it is to compete with past me and see how many more books I read over that initial number. It’s worked well before but not now as I don’t want to compete with myself anymore. Having it at 40 rather than 50 takes that away.

Gradually move away from Goodreads and use my Reading Journal more.

I’ve not been very good at keeping up with my reading bullet journal over the last couple of years. However, I set up a new one late last year and I want to stick with it. It is also a little more flexible for me than Goodreads which can be rather hit and miss at times. However I will still use the Reading Challenge log but not to the same extent as before.

Limit the number of re-reads.

You know me. I adore re-reading my favourite books and especially at times when I’m not in a good place, but it is getting to the stage where I’m re-reading more than actually reading the books I’ve bought and are excited to read. My TBR isn’t getting any smaller and I have a stack of unread books on my shelves that are crying out for attention. I’m not going to challenge myself to ignore those re-reads but I want there to be a time and place for them in amongst the books I’m yet to read. Also, I want to discover more favourites to re-read and how can I do that if I don’t actually pick up the books the first time round?

Recognise classics as well as new and upcoming releases.

I don’t want this as some kind of reading challenge (I’m useless at those) but when I’m in a fantasy, mystery, historical fic mood etc, I want to discover all the classics of the genres rather than focus on what’s new and upcoming. For example, there are some Agatha Christie stories I’ve wanted to read for years and always forgot about because I pick up the next Tess Gerritsen or re-read the Patricia Cornwell novels stored away in a box. I love classics and I want to read more of them.

Ignore hype.

Hype either makes or breaks certain books for me because it works its way into my brain and makes me compare opinions whilst I’m reading said books. This isn’t good because I concentrate on that rather than the book itself and then I either DNF more or refuse to read certain books until hype has died down. I might have left the hardest change until last but it might just be the most important one I make as a reader and bibliophile.

There we go. Five changes I want to make to my reading for 2020.

I don’t expect any of this to be easy but what change for the better is ever easy?

Do you have any reading challenges, goals or changes that you want to make for the 2020 reading year?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

3 thoughts on “5 Changes To My Reading For 2020”

  1. My reading goals are very similar with the exception to Goodreads. Goodreads is my bread and butter, I just love how it keeps everything organized for me with the click of a button. I hope you succeed with your goals this year! 🙂

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  2. Good luck on obtaining your goals this year! I decided to move away from hype this year and I think my reading load was much more satisfactory. I rarely had any DNFs and there were far fewer 2-3 star reads for me. Sometimes hype just doesn’t cut it, you know?

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