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Book Journal Spreads For 2020

The new year means a fresh start in my book/reading journal and although it is still relatively new, I have made a few new spreads to help me track my books and reading.

Genre Tracking:

I used to do this in one of my old journals but not in this way with different check boxes for each genre. Hopefully by marking off the boxes, I can visually understand what genre of books I read the most and which ones I should explore more.

General Reading Goal Spread:

Before it was just a list of all the books I read, and whilst I still have that, I’ve added a checkbox for my reading goal (this year at 40 books) as well as a few stat headings such as ‘number of books DNFed’, ‘longest/shortest book’, ‘average length’, and ‘average rating.’ I’ve also added a little line graph which will show the number of books read per month.

It is a bit more stat orientated than usual, and hopefully it will work well because I would like to use this spread again in the future if and once I decide to completely move away from using Goodreads as a tracker.

Bookshelf Additions:

At the end of the year, are you prone to forgetting what books you’ve bought, received, gifted etc? I know I am. Therefore this spread will be very handy indeed. Once I buy or receive a pre-order, I’ll enter it in here before I forget!! Also it will be a good tracker and indication of how many books I buy across a year because similarly to 2019, I want to limit the number of new books coming in.

EDIT as of 4th Jan – since creating those spreads and writing the initial post, I have added three more spreads to my journal.

20 Books For 2020

Basically a TBR of 20 books for the year that I need to read. I used the Genre Tracker as a guide to help me pick two books from each of the ten genres so there is some variety. It’s a way of helping me to tackle my backlist and read those books I’ve put off reading for a while. My idea is to colour the books once I have read them and so it will be a nice visual tracker to look at when it comes to the end of the year.

Unhauled Books

Mainly so I remember what books I have given away, because I do often forget.

Library Books

I try to borrow books from my library fairly regularly and I wanted a log to help me remember when I took them out and when they need to go back. Also, when I use the machines at the library, they give me slips which I ultimately lose or accidentally throw away so this spread will be very useful!

The other spreads and trackers indicated in my original journal set up post will still be in use as well. They won’t change regardless of the new year.

And that seems to be that.

Do you use a book/reading journal?
Have you created any more spreads for 2020?
Do you like changing how you record your books/reading or do you stick with the same set up?

Thanks for reading, and have a brazzle dazzle day!

4 thoughts on “Book Journal Spreads For 2020”

    1. I definitely did very light pencil outlines of all spreads before fixing them with pen and making them neat! I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my handwriting and outlines of journals so it’s the only way I can make sure they’ll be how I want them to be.


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