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Cosy Winter Comforts


Autumn has come and gone, Winter is here and it is time to warm up in front of the fire. We never really know if we’ll have the white winter that creates the most idyllic artwork and scenes, and if we do, it is more likely to cause absolute chaos, but that doesn’t stop us from making the best of it.

My comforts for this time of year are very similar to those I talked about in my Autumn post, but with the addition of holiday elements that make this season wonderful in its own way.

Instrumental hymns and carols.

I have a little bit of a conservative taste when it comes to Christmas music. Some of the mainstream songs are okay and I will listen to them from time to time over the course of December, but my go to playlists consist of more traditional Christmas carols and hymns, especially in their instrumental form. I love instrumental music and for me it creates such a warm and peaceful atmosphere, which is what I want when it gets cold and drab.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

I’ve probably talked about this particular Disney film in at least one post around this time of year, but it is essential December viewing for me because I’ve always loved it. Watching this is one childhood Christmas tradition that I’ve carried with me through to adulthood as it reminds me of that childhood innocence and excitement, and how important those traditional stories and feelings were to me. Disney encompasses all that in this feature and in a sense watching this is more important to me now because my Christmas festivities are so different. It’s that extra little bit of magic I always want at this time of year.

The Christmas Baking and all the delicacies!

My sister loves baking and Winter/Christmas is the time when she bakes 24/7. There is the traditional Christmas fruit cake, gingerbread houses, sponge cakes with adorned with winter detailing, mince pies etc and the smell is one of my favourite things. Smelling the cinnamon, cloves, ginger just screams Christmas and it automatically makes me feel warm. I also just love a lot of the different delicacies from other countries and cultures at this time of year, especially from the Christmas Markets – yule log, lebkuchen, stollen, panettone etc.

Re-reading books.

I re-read throughout the year, but it is during winter when I do most of my re-reading and it is definitely a form of comfort. It’s one of the reasons why I re-read in the first place. A tradition of mine is reading A Christmas Carol and The Night Before Christmas as they’re two of my favourites but I might mix that up this year with one of the books on my re-read list. Ultimately, it depends what kind of mood I’m in.

They are very “Emma Winter Comforts” as they’re hardly surprising and I’ve most likely talked about them as part of my December and Christmas festivities in previous posts down the years. There is nothing new about them at all! Then again, that’s why they’re great!

What are some of your Winter Comforts?

As always, thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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