November Wrap Up – In Which History Takes Over!

“History is just one damned thing after another” is definitely how I’ll describe my November reading because I have read nothing but The Chronicles of St Mary’s all month, and you know what, I’ve loved it!

What’s not to love? I’ve reread a favourite series and these disaster magnets called historians who research historical events in contemporary time have helped me a lot this past month. The brilliant Britishness, shenanigans, humour, and easy reading of the series is everything I needed. I was trying to read fantasy for the last month of @SifaElizabethRead’s Fantasy Tropes Readathon (the post of which I’ll link here) but clearly Kleio, the Muse of History, had other ideas for me instead.

I was to dive into Troy, the Cretaceous, the Great Fire of London, Tudor Scotland, Agincourt, rescue dodos from Mauritius and be chased by the Time Police. All fun and games. Unlike the St Mary’s Historians, I can remove myself from these events quietly with little danger. It just takes a pause button or the closing of a book rather than an emergency pod extraction and the world turning black.

Oops. Rambling.

But you know what, I will always ramble on and on about this series because it is just an all-round blast to read, and I can’t not talk about it. It also influences me to read more about certain periods of History I’ve never really touched on before or have forgotten, which is always a good thing!

However, like I said above, I was trying to read other books this month and I did start November wanting to read retellings and Brandon Sanderson. As St Mary’s took over, a couple of books found themselves in my DNF piles.

Barefoot on the Wind (The Moonlit Lands, #2)

Barefoot on the Wind by Zoë Marriott – very much an enjoyable bus read, but while the writing did have a little speed, the plot was progressing more slowly than I anticipated. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I wanted this to be a quicker read and have it finished in a couple of days, which obviously hasn’t happened. I’ll pick this back up when I’m in a retelling mood again.

Image result for steelheart brandon sanderson

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson – Loved the concept but the execution felt a little flat for me. I don’t care for the characters, there are quite a few tangents in the narrative that make the writing a little jumpy, and the French phrases dotted throughout don’t seem to serve a purpose and I find that very irritating. I think this just might not be the Sanderson book for me. I’ll have another try at his YA sci-fi with Skyward which is still on my TBR.

Sour note aside, I loved my reading month and I’m not going to stop reading about time-travelling historians any time soon!

What have you read throughout November?
Anything good to recommend?

As always thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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