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The Fantasy Tropes Readathon Roundup

A little before September @SifaElizabethReads announced her plans for a Fantasy Tropes Readathon, a fantastic challenge to read all the unread fantasy that had accumulated on her and our shelves.

Fantasy Bingo.png

Although I have previously vowed to avoid all challenges and readathons, I wanted to participate in this one as it was right up my street. I read a lot of fantasy, most of my unread books are fantasy, and therefore it just seemed like a good idea. I even made a TBR to go with the readathon! Shock horror I know!

Said TBR was these books:

  • Lord of Secrets – Breanna Teintze
  • Muse of Nightmares – Laini Taylor
  • Hero at the Fall – Alwyn Hamilton
  • The Last Namsara – Kristin Ciccarelli
  • Once and Future – Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy
  • The Smoke Thieves – Sally Green
  • Now I Rise – Kiersten White
  • Uprooted – Naomi Novik

Did I start a couple of these? Yes. Did I have every intention of finishing them? Absolutely. For one reason or another it simply didn’t happen.

However, I have read a couple of other fantasy books with tropes included in this readathon, some of which may look familiar if you’ve kept up with my wrap-up posts.

Luckily, I did enjoy both of these but they still didn’t lessen the blow of falling short on the readathon – by my personal standards anyway.

Saying that, attempting to participate in this readathon has made me realise I’m not a readathon-kind of reader. I mentioned it right at the beginning but now it is firmly cemented in stone.

Readathons don’t work for me. It’s as simple as that. It’s just a shame because I liked this one and when I first saw it, nearly half my books cried out to be read. I honestly thought I would make a huge dent in the TBR.

Alas, it wasn’t to be.

Did you participate in the Fantasy Tropes Readathon?
If so, what books did you read?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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