My Halloween Plans

I am not a Halloween person usually but when it comes to this particular day, most of my daily activities are Halloween related. And because it has landed on a Thursday, I have more time to do these as it is one of my free days!

These plans probably won’t be done in this order, but that’s of no importance.

Pumpkin Carving!

Pumpkin carving is what is done in my area of the village if you are willing to have trick or treaters. Having a pumpkin outside the door says we’re joining in the fun and making our own mark. It also says we like seeing the kids in the neighbourhood having fun and that’s what it is all about really.

Knitting or crocheting.

This is part of my Thursday routine anyway as I regularly go to the craft group at my library in the morning so I will probably take with me the scarf or the Nature’s Walk CAL blanket I’m working on. It will most likely be the scarf though because it’s a laid back group and I like mindless crafting. It’s hard to stay focused on a particular pattern when you’re crafting, talking, and eating a couple of biscuits with one’s drink of choice! Saying that, I might get more into the Halloween spirit with my crafting and crochet up some small pumpkins as I have a lot of scrap yarn that could do with being used up.

Image result for crochet pumpkins

If I decide to escape from the clutches of a 12 week old springer spaniel pup and craft at home, I might do this whilst:

Watching a Halloween film.

This will likely be one of my favourite Halloween-related Disney Channel Original Movies such as Halloweentown, Twitches, or that episode of The House of Mouse where the villains take over. Luckily all of these should be on DisneyLife and easily accessible for me to watch!

Image result for good witch spellbound

If I don’t go for Disney, it will probably be another light-hearted Halloween film like the Good Witch Halloween films. Considering I constantly go on about this series, Is it really surprising? I’d love to watch this year’s film though rather than rewatch the past films but Netflix is being slow in giving the UK series 5 so there is no way it will give us the new Halloween special yet. Boo Hoo!


Listening to Disney’s Halloween Park Music.

This or any of the Halloween soundtracks is all I really listen to during October and I can’t get enough it. This year in particular, I was determined to listen to it more as my sister and her boyfriend spent a couple of days in Disneyland Paris enjoying the park’s Halloween celebrations and I was feeling a tad jealous!

And lastly…

Reading, maybe something along the lines of Tunnel of Bones by VE Schwab.

Image result for tunnel of bones

I’m wanting shorter reads, what with the pup and his constant distractions, and Halloween plus a Cassidy Blake book seems like the perfect match. We’re in Paris, hopefully in the catacombs under the city and I can already imagine it being a creepy and incredibly atmospheric read. I love VE Schwab’s books anyway and read at the right moment, they just hit the spot. If Tunnel of Bones doesn’t live up to expectations, I’ll be peeved.

And there are my Halloween plans.

They’re not very exciting as plans go but who said I’m an exciting person? Definitely not me!

What are your Halloween plans?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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