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WIP Update: I’m Drowning In WIPS!


On the back of my blanket post a month or so ago where I rambled about the blankets I was making, I thought I would update you with the other works in progress I have on the go.

Currently, there are two piles of WIPs – the “active” pile and the “temporarily inactive” pile.

“Temporarily Inactive” pile:

Vintage Flower Colourway Granny Square Blanket

I’m thinking that once I have all the squares crocheted up, I’ll join these using a continuous join-as-you-go method. I’m also debating about adding another colour into the mix but I don’t know which to choose.

Moss Stitch Corner-to-Corner Baby Blanket

If it weren’t for the problems I’m having in picking up the same number of border stitches, it wouldn’t even be in this pile. It would be a completed WIP instead. I’ll get back to it when I have the time and patience to work out the correct number of stitches. When I have finished it, If anyone would like to give it a new home, let me know!

Sarah’s Sundown Granny Square Blanket

This is temporarily shelved. Having two rather large “active” blankets that I want to complete before December was proving difficult to manage so on speaking to my sister, we’ve agreed to put this aside for now. I’m a little disappointed as I enjoyed working on it but I had to think about me and it is what felt right at the time.

And now a non-blanket project!!!

The Moonlit Shawl

I started this shawl back in June with every intention of finishing it before I went to London for the Young Adult Literature Convention (or YALC for short). It’s a Cherry Heart pattern and I thought it would be a nice pattern for my first shawl. If I remember, I’m on the decrease section of the main body so it really shouldn’t take me long to finish once I start working on it again. When that will be though, who knows?

“Active” Pile:

Nature’s Walk CAL

Yes I’m joining in with my first ever CAL (or Crochet Along)! It is designed by Sandra of Cherry Heart in partnership with Black Sheep Wools, and I could not resist joining in as Cherry Heart produces one of my favourite YouTube podcasts and Black Sheep Wools is my local yarn store. It just seemed like the best way to support them both!

This particular blanket can be made in three different colourways (Sweet Meadow, Wild Hedgerow, and Open Fields) but I’ve chosen to use the Sweet Meadow pack which consists of Stylecraft Bellissima and Bambino yarns rather than the Scheepjes Stone Washed in the other two packs. I like the yarn; it’s soft and squidgy. My only qualm is that it can split a little and it makes working a couple of the squares a bit challenging. Saying that, they’re fairly easy to whip up, and it’s through the patterns that I’ve realised I can read crochet charts. I’m even preferring them to written patterns which is a surprise! I am 5 squares or so behind where I’d like to be with it at this moment in time, but there’s no worry. The last bit of the pattern is released on 12th Nov so if I’m a week or two behind, I can still have it done for Christmas, which is what I want anyway.

Picot Garter Stitch Scarf

I like having easy knitting on the go for the days when I don’t fancy picking up a crochet hook, and I am in need of a hand-knit scarf! This is my perfect knitting as I can do a bit whilst listening to an audiobook and not worry about losing concentration. It’s great. The only problem I have is that if I’m sitting in the living room with this in my hands, Sarah’s puppy wants to play with my yarn!! That’s a huge no no.

Back to the scarf itself, I’m working it on 4mm needle rather than the advised 4.5mm. I didn’t bother checking gauge/tension at all for this, and I never do for scarves, but I have used this yarn before (Stylecraft Batik Swirl) and I don’t consider it to be a thick enough DK for 4.5mm needles. It’s just my personal preference, however I do think it means I will have to make my scarf bigger than the pattern suggests to accommodate for the smaller needle.

Once I’ve finished this scarf, I will be casting on the fingerless mitts from the same pattern book. I’ve always wanted to make some fingerless mitts and I think they’ll be great in the same yarn so I have a matching set!

Tubular Socks

This is last “active” project is the one that forced me to abandon the shawl and Sarah’s blanket. These are the tubular socks my grandmother asked me to knit and even though I am trying to enjoy making these by participating in Little Drops of Wonderful’s Strictly-Sock-Along, I’m not loving them at all. They’ve driven me mad and I want to stop making them, but I said I’d try to make them and I can’t go back on that word no matter how I feel. I also bought these 9inch short circular needles alongside a set of DPNs so I could see which method I preferred, and I don’t want to waste that money.

I think that, might finally, be that.

I hope the next time I talk about all of these projects they will be finished. I need to get my wandering crafty hands under control first and honestly, I don’t know when that will be!

Anyway, I hope you all have some crafty fun and manage to make progress on your own projects!

Have a brazzle dazzle day!

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