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My Starter Crochet Tool Kit

Much to my joy and surprise, I’m seeing a few more people on my social media feeds picking up crochet or knitting for the first time and enquiring about tools, materials and all the notions one needs for these particular crafts.

I’ve been knitting and crocheting for a couple of years now (give or take) and in that time I’ve mentally put together my own kits of all the most important notions, especially for beginners or people who are coming back to the crafts after a prolonged break and want to start with the basics again.

I’ll start off with my crochet starter kit and do a knitting one in a later post.

All the links I’m leaving for some of the tools will direct you to LoveCrafts (the new site for LoveCrochet and LoveKnitting) and the particular pages for each tool.

Crochet Kit


Sizes 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm. These are the three most common sizes you’ll use at first. I’d personally buy a full set later on when you’re comfortable knowing what style and brand of hooks you like to use. I personally have hooks with a soft ergonomic handle as they’re the ones I personally prefer.

Stitch Markers:

I have a few different ones but I always prefer the ones that lock onto the stitch so I can attach and remove them easily.

Tapestry needles:

These are more blunt, and have bigger eyes for the yarn than normal sewing needles. I’ve linked to metal ones but there are plastic equivalent if you prefer those.


Any that are small and sharp are preferable as you need them to cut through the yarn cleanly. I love the little stork shaped scissors I have but simple scissors work just as nicely.

Tape measure:

It’s best to have one that works in centimetres as well as inches. There are cute, quirky ones available but simple is perfectly fine too.

A tool case or pouch:

You want a case for all these necessary tools!! It honestly doesn’t need to be fancy. You could use a pencil case or a cosmetic pouch. I bought a case online a few months ago specifically for crochet hooks and I don’t like it because my hooks don’t fit in the slots. I’m going to replace it with a simple pouch.

Notebook and pen:

Useful to have if you want to jot down any bits of info relating to crochet.


Any 100% acrylic yarn is the best starting point. It’s versatile and cheaper so it won’t hurt your bank account as much when you make a mistake. LoveCrafts have their own brand (Paintbox) but I find Stylecraft’s Special range to be pretty good ad widely available. Of course you’ll need the yarn weight that corresponds to your hook sizes:

  • DK weight = 4mm
  • Aran = 5mm
  • Chunky = 6mm

If I have missed something off let me know, but besides patterns and tutorials here is everything you will need to start a wonderful and addicting craft.

As I said previously, I will be back at some point with my starter knitting kit.

In the meantime, I hope this post is useful to those of you who are looking to start crochet and need the essential supplies!

Have a brazzle dazzle day!

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