My love of blankets keeps growing!

Now the horrible July heat is gone and we’ve returned to having a traditional British summer, I’m back to working on my growing mound of crochet projects. All I want to do is snuggle up on the corner living room chair with a cup of hot tea, a good audiobook and a project – most likely a blanket.

As of the last count, there must be three blanket projects on the go. All are of the Granny variety (squares and stripes) and I suppose I’ve done that so they make for very easy, mindless crochet. I can’t be doing with different or complicated patterns, especially late at night when I want to wind down, and grannies are the only patterns I can think of that show off variegated yarns nicely without looking too fussy.

It was hinted at once or twice recently by certain family members that I should stop making blankets and whip up garments instead but there’s something about a nice blanket that conjures up images of those cold autumn and winter evenings by a fire with a book, TV programme/film and everyone snuggled on the couch underneath said homemade blanket. I can’t help making them. They’re too irresistible. Also they make nice presents!

My aunt certainly thought so when I gave her this as a joint birthday present for her and my cousin.

The only problem is that I can fall in and out of love with a blanket project. If it is taking a while, I’ll abandon it for a few weeks and work on something different to give me that satisfaction of starting and finishing a project. I also have these big ideas, start them, and then something else comes along screaming “start me instead!” Story of my creative life really! But, you know, I will always come back to work on a blanket and then remember why I wanted to make it in the first place.

Unless they are baby blankets, they are long-haul projects and that’s okay. I just need to kick that into gear if I want to finish at least two of them in the next few months.

So if you see me working on another book sleeve, tell me to put it down and work on the blanket squares instead!


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