Whenever is it the right time to step out of one’s comfort zone?

If there’s one thing I know about crafting and in particular, crochet and knitting, it is easy to make the projects that are comfortable and enjoyable. For me, it’s blankets. I can make blanket after blanket and not get bored. I also find it a nice way of trying different stitches.

However, something will ultimately come along and push you out of that crafting comfort zone and I don’t know about you, but that fills me with dread. Apparently that’s natural and to be expected, but when that something comes from someone who is overly critical and can’t accept the way things are, I simply want to curl up into a ball and stay like that for all eternity.

In regards to knitting, I can sit down with straight or circular needles, a DK or Aran weight yarn, and bash out scarf after scarf. It doesn’t matter on the pattern, I can do it. I like doing it. It’s mindless and relaxing, the way knitting should be. What I don’t like and am completely in fear of is something small and fiddly because despite my baby hands, I have clunky fingers. I’m fine with it in crochet as I can generate more control over the yarn and the hook when necessary, but it’s difficult with knitting. And this is where I’m coming to with this, because my grandmother has asked me to make her some socks. On the plus side, they are tubular socks so I don’t have to worry about turning heels and all that jazz, but it still means I have to fiddle with small circular needles, magic loop, double pointed needles, and sock weight yarn. No matter how many times in the last few weeks I have attempted it, I can’t do it. Something always goes wrong and I find myself nearly hurling the needles and yarn out of a window so they might get damaged by one of the many passing cars along my road.

There’s an argument to carrying on because in time I might succeed, and according to Walt Disney “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” (a quote etched onto a pennant conveniently also in my line of sight as I sit at my desk typing this), but my brain, which is bizarrely in agreement with my sister, keeps saying “what’s the point if causes unwanted grief and stress?” I’m stuck with that conundrum, knowing when to stay in that comfort zone or take the necessary chance to do the impossible.

I can’t decide what to do, push myself through it and train my hands to handle thin yarn and multiple needles, or leave it for a while until I’m comfortable and confident enough to make that leap even though that could be years and not mere months away?

If anyone has any tips and tricks about sock knitting or using double pointed needles/magic loop on circular needles in conjunction with thin yarn in general, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. I will share my appreciation in any way you wish!

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