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Looking at nature for colour inspiration.

I’m not an arty person by nature. I’m not someone who is naturally gifted when it comes to all aspects of design. When I want to start a new project I have to take a lot of time working them out, colour palettes especially, because I will always place the wrong shade of colours next to each other.

Just look at the blanket I made for my sister last year.

a neon green that was far too bright
a pastel yellow that looks almost cream in that photo and is lost between the white and the brighter yellow…

You get the idea.

Since then, I’ve been trying to learn more about colour, how it works, and what to do to help it shine in a project. Now this might sound completely obvious, but the greatest teacher we have in regards to colour is our environment, and more specifically, nature.

I live in a semi-rural area with lines of trees (lots of cherry, birch and horse chestnut) on nearly every avenue, and fields and woods practically on my doorstep. Often on a nice day I find myself donning the mucky trainers and discovering the hidden paths that weave in these fields and woods (normally on the hunt for creative writing inspiration) but in the last few weeks or so, I’ve decided to look more closely at the flora and fauna that bring our area to life.

Thinking about it, a couple of these shots might be of flowers that still bloom in my grandparents’ garden, but that doesn’t matter because my whole point is that colour inspiration and palettes are everywhere we look! We know that white, dark purple and bright yellow will go together in a project because nature has already partnered them together for a pretty flower (of which I don’t know the name because I am terrible at botany!).

Like I said, it is an obvious concept but it only becomes a source of inspiration once we take the time to stop, explore and really look at the nature around us. Even if you don’t have nearby fields and forests, there will still be areas awash in natural colour to inspire you to be creative and work up a project to be enjoyed!

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