YouTube Podcasts I’m Watching


Welcome to one of the reasons why I decided to start a new crochet blog and dedicate more of my time to crochet – YouTube podcasts! I can’t remember how I stumbled across them, but I did, and now I can’t get enough of them.

I don’t watch that many, but the ones I do watch all seem to be some of the respected and well-established podcasts in the UK. If I’m watching one particular podcast, I can guarantee another one of those I watch will be name dropped or referred back to for reasons. In a way it’s nice because I’m discovering similar podcasts and getting recommendations. Also, it’s just making me more inspired to improve on my own crochet and knitting skills and branch out a little.

As I don’t want to ramble, let’s dive right in and discover some podcasts!

Little Drops of Wonderful

‘Wonderful’ is exactly how I’d describe Ali’s podcast. It’s the newest one I’ve started watching and I really take to the relaxed nature of it all. Similarly to the other podcasts I’ll be mentioning, Ali goes through the projects she’s finished, what she’s currently making, the process of yarn dying and any other goodness that wants talking about. It was also one of her past episodes (maybe 16 or 17) that inspired me to start making another blanket which I’m calling my “Scrappy Happy Moments” blanket. Listening to Ali talk about how crochet helped her through illness helped me realise what it’s currently doing for me, and I’m incredibly grateful.

Betsy Makes

What I like about Betsy Makes is that it is also produced in a laid-back and relaxed manner. It’s nice to have on in the background when I’m crocheting and winding down in the evening. Also it’s good to watch as I like keeping tabs on her Etsy shop and she’s always talking about the bags she makes or the yarn she dyes. I’m not in the habit of buying independently dyed yarn as I want to be as economical as I can, but the yarn I’ve seen is always gorgeous and the bags look incredibly well-made. I will stretch to one of the bags though – I’m in need of a few for my projects!

There is also a blog with patterns, sewing bag tutorials and the show notes for the podcast.

Cherry Heart

Cherry Heart podcast was the first one I truly watched and if you saw me a couple of months ago, it was all I was watching as I made my way through the back catalogue of episodes. What I get from Sandra’s podcast is the utmost desire to crochet shawls. She has so many gorgeous and inspired patterns I’m dying to try, and her colour choices are stunning. Also, the delivery is very natural and I like the cute distractions her pets often make to the podcast! I know I’m meant to be there for the craft but Bertie the little daschund is adorable!

Cherry Heart also has its own blog with the show notes, tutorials, and lots of patterns to discover! It’s worth checking out!

Lastly, I’m also discovering the wonderfulness that is Tea and Possibilities. I don’t have much to say as I’ve only watched half a podcast so far but it looks like one I’ll slowly become addicted to the more I watch.

That is it for this post.

To anyone reading this, thank you for checking out the blog and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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