Reading Goals 2019 Catch Up

April. The month where Sarah and I become a year older and we start thinking what the heck is going on with our lives?

It also reminds me that I set goals at the beginning of the year and I am no closer to achieving them. When they’re reading goals, you can guarantee I won’t have made any progress whatsoever!

And it’s my reading goals I wanted to address today!

Back in January, I wrote down four goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. All are manageable and flexible with my reading patterns and moods, but whether I take them into account when reading is another matter.

First off is my

Goodreads Goal of 50 books.

At the time of writing, I’ve read 15 books so far and I am 3 books ahead of schedule so that’s not too bad. I’m relatively okay with it. It’s not as good compared to previous years but then again, I’m reading a lot of my chunky books at the moment and they take longer to read.

Read all my Fairyloot books.

I tried to start this but Priory of the Orange Tree came along and scuppered my planned Fairyloot month. I’m atrocious about reading my Fairyloot books because I’ll put them on my bedside table thinking “yeah, I’ll read them” but I never do. I never feel in the right mood somehow and it means that all of my Fairyloot Books are unread. I need to get my act together because the reason why I’ve ordered the boxes in the first place is for the books!

Read all YALC 2018 books.

This is one I’m making slow progress with. I’ve read four out of the nineteen unread books still on the list Although it is technically three as I DNFed one a month or so ago. Hopefully I’ll continue ticking off the books so that when July and YALC 2019 comes around, I won’t feel guilty with myself for not reading last year’s books!

and lastly…

Finish completed and unread series.

Haha! I don’t think I’ve taken much notice about the series on my shelves because I’ve certainly not finished any. I did catch up with the Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen but as that is ongoing, it doesn’t count! Maybe I should dedicate a month to reading the final couple of books in a series, that way I’ll get caught up and I won’t have to keep grimacing every time I see this goal in my reading journal. We’ll see.

Hopefully April to July will be a more successful quarter. I do very much want to tackle these goals and edge ever closer to finishing them but sometimes other books and life things just get in the way!

How are you doing with your 2019 reading goals and challenges?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

6 thoughts on “Reading Goals 2019 Catch Up”

  1. 50 books for the goodreads reading challenge and you’re 3 books ahead? I’m envious! I was worried about whether I’d be able to complete the goal of 12 books that I set because I’d fallen out of the habit for so long……

    Thankfully, my therapist encouraged me to read before bed in order to wind down. This has allowed me to actually do my reading, instead of being distracted or procrastinating.

    I’m one book ahead of the schedule! 😀

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    1. To be honest, I need to get back into the habit of reading before bed. Most of the time now, I tend to crochet or stick on a DVD and my book stays on side looking sullen because I am not reading it.

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  2. Finishing your unread series is a great goal! I should probably try and do this too at some point. One of my goals is to finish some of the manga series I’ve been reading for the past few years and I’m hoping to make progress on this in May for Asian Readathon. I hope you manage to achieve all of these goals and have a great birthday Emma! 😀

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    1. Maybe once I’ve got through the books I didn’t read last year, I’ll finish those blasted series! I hope your goals go great as well. And thank you for the early birthday wishes! I anticipate spending it in a certain bookstore so it is bound to be a decent day!


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