Yarns I Can’t Wait To Try and Use


The one great thing about knitting and crocheting is browsing the yarn shops, whether they be independent or the usual chain craft store (i.e. Hobby Craft in the UK), and thinking of all the projects you want to do with all that yarn.

Of course I always fall into the trap of buying the yarn and not knowing what to do with it.

And no way do I want my yarn stash to become the same size as my to-be-read pile – completely unmanageable and out of control!

That being said, I do have a few yarns that I want to add to my stash and use for future projects.

Image result for scheepjes catona yarn

Scheepjes Catona

A mercerised cotton yarn that comes in an extensive range of colours and is around a 4ply weight. In the UK knitting and crochet world, Scheepjes yarn is a huge deal and everyone seems to love it but I’ve yet to jump on this bandwagon. It’s only recently that I’ve decided I’m finally going to get my hands on some of the Catona yarn as it will be a nice substitute for a project I had to completely frog a couple of weeks ago. The colours also look unbelievably bright and enticing which is what I want.

Image result for scheepjes stone and river washed yarn

Scheepjes Stone Washed Yarn

As a cotton/acrylic blend, this looks like an incredibly versatile yarn to knit and crochet with. What attracts me the most to this yarn are the colours and the tonal effects that run throughout. My only problem is that it is a rather thinner yarn than what I usually like to work with and I don’t know if I’d be able to see the stitches. I suppose the only way of knowing is to actually buy some and experiment with it.

Image result for stylecraft batik swirl

Stylecraft Batik Swirl

I do own some of this and my problem is that I have no idea what to do with it. I was enticed by the different colours because they’re all so gorgeous and addicting to someone who loves variegated yarn. Hopefully at some point I will figure out what project this will work well with because I want to use it and explore all the different colour ways on offer.

Image result for hayfield spirit yarn

Hayfield Sprit Yarn

Ever since I saw this on Blossom Crochet, I’ve really wanted to use this yarn for a blanket of some kind. As a wool/acrylic blend, it sounds like it has decent durability which is something I appreciate a lot – it’s the reason why I use a lot of acrylic yarn in my projects anyway! I also really love the colour choices and changes in each ball, especially with the new chunky weight editions that have recently come out. It’s gorgeous and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of this. I would have bought some a few weeks ago had my sister not wanted to get out of Hobby Craft and I didn’t already have some Hayfield yarn in my basket.

I think it is a testament to my self control that I don’t have all of these different yarns in my stash right now. Although as soon as I come up with that all important project and idea, you can guarantee I’ll walk to my local yarn shop (Black Sheep Wool) or go onto their website and instantly buy it.

If you have any ideas what projects would look great with any of this yarn, share them in the comments! I need the excuse to buy it all!

For any other crafters out there, what yarns are you excited to try?

As always, thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

4 thoughts on “Yarns I Can’t Wait To Try and Use

  1. Not gonna lie: even though I don’t do knitting, this post has reminded me to take out my sewing machine and practice. Hi-ho silver, awaaaaaaaay.

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    1. I really should teach myself to sew. I know it would take a while to learn properly and with a lot of practice, but it would be a lot easier for me personally than struggling to find dresses and skirts in the right length and style.


      1. Using a sewing machine is a lot easier than I’d expected tbh! The important things are threading it correctly, the movement of the fabric, and the control of the pedal. If you can use an accelerator in a car, you can use a sewing machine.

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      2. I’ve only used a sewing machine a couple of times and I was quite young – maybe 11/12. I remember using one at school and I wasn’t very good at coordinating all the movements. I’ll have to learn when I get the opportunity.

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