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Book Worlds I Wouldn’t Want To Inhabit


Today’s post was inspired by a Top Ten Tuesday post I saw floating around last week. There were lots of bloggers writing about characters they would or wouldn’t want to trade places with and whilst I had some characters floating round my mind, I came to the conclusion I wouldn’t really want to trade places with any of them because there would be too many dystopian and unhappy settings I’d end up living in.

Then again, choosing all the worlds I wouldn’t want to inhabit is a monumental task because I could include every fantasy and dystopian world I’ve experienced over the years.

Argh. Why do I do this to myself?

The Wizarding World.

Yes, the Wizarding World from Harry Potter is one of my favourite fictional worlds of all time but I’d rather live in it during peace time after the demise of Voldemort. From The Goblet of Fire onwards, no way would I want to keep looking over my shoulder and risk losing friends and love ones to the darkness.

The Sin Eater’s Daughter world

I can’t remember the name of the world from The Sin Eater’s Daughter but even then, the world terrifies me just thinking about it. The Queen is evil, twisted and horrifying and there’s no way I’d want her as a ruler. Also, it’s as if the smallest thing can have you killed by poison. If that doesn’t say STAY AWAY I don’t know what does. From a distance though, the mythology and rules of the world are intriguing.

Prosperity and Verity from The Monsters of Verity duology.

As much as I love the construction of this world and reading about how Kate and August navigate it, there’s no chance I want to be living in it. A city where evil breeds monsters – no thank you!


Europe had the Axis powers won WWII

This alternate history really struck fear into me when I read this and Wolf by Wolf a couple of years ago. It was creepy and spine-tingling. It gives me the shudders even now when I think about it because it totally could have been our reality, maybe without the skin shifting though. From a historian stand-point, it’s interesting to think about but I’d stick to the thinking rather than actually living it.


Scion London/Oxford in The Bone Season

Living in a world where clairvoyants are driven underground, run the risk of being thrown into the prison camp of Sheol I, and have to deal with the twisted politics does not sound great. I’d rather experience Paige trying to navigate this world than having to navigate it myself. Plus, it then means I get to enjoy reading Samantha Shannon’s writing and I can read that every day of the week!

That’s five worlds I wouldn’t want to inhabit and I think five is plenty for now. Of course there are more as I could add every book I’ve ever read to this list but then we’d be here for years! I suppose that’s the price of reading nothing else but fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian books!

What worlds would you not want to inhabit?

As always thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

1 thought on “Book Worlds I Wouldn’t Want To Inhabit”

  1. Those are all excellent reasons not to inhabit those worlds.

    The Hunger Games is one of the worlds I wouldn’t want to inhabit tbh.

    Liked by 1 person

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