Great First-Time Crochet Projects

You’ve discovered the colourful world of crochet. You’ve bought the yarn and hooks you’d like to use, and you’ve found a nice bit of quiet time to practise making a chain and the basic stitches. Now you want to embark on your first ever project but you’re not sure what to do.

Well, don’t worry because I’ve collated a list of five quick and beginner-friendly projects that can help you get started and stir up that creative inspiration.

All of these utilise those basic stitches and help you get a handle on your tension before trying a project that’s a little more complicated.

1# Baby blanket

I know the photo I’ve inserted is of a blanket using the ‘granny’ stitch but if you want to stick to something even more simple, you can simply repeat rows and rows of the same basic stitch (a double or triple crochet – UK terms) until reaching the desired length.

Also, if you use a variegated yarn (multi-coloured) then there will be fewer ends to sew in afterwards, and it will look pretty darn colourful!

2# Scarf or cowl

Similarly to the baby blanket, you can repeat the rows of stitches over and over again until reaching the desired length. If you use a chunky yarn then it works up pretty quickly and gives the scarf/cowl the ideal thickness for those colder Winter days.

3# A wash cloth

Using cotton instead of wool or acrylic yarn as it will withstand constant washes better, you can again repeat the same rows of basic stitches until getting the size of square you want. They’d be quick to make and would make nice presents as you can customise them with whatever colour and design you want.

4# Tablet or phone cases.

These are simply rectangles sewn together along the sides and bottom so that your tablet/kindle/phone etc, sits inside and doesn’t fall out. I misjudged the length of mine so it is an inch or so too short but it still does the job I want it to do which is protect the top from dust when it’s sat on my desk.

5# Coffee Cosies

There are two different ways you can make one of these and the easiest way is to simply crochet a long rectangle of 5-8 rows, then sew the ends together. This sample piece I did is 11 rows but the scrap yarn I used was quite thin compared to what I would normally use. It is a very simple and quick little project, which you can make up in 10 to 15 minutes. Satisfactory when you want some practise pieces before embarking on bigger projects.

And there you go. Five relatively small and quick crochet projects to get you started. I hope that’s given you some inspiration and ideas to get going.

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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