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Review: Yarn Story Lighted Crochet Hooks

When you start a craft hobby such as crochet, you find yourself constantly shopping around for tools and accessories because nothing helps you enjoy a craft more than those tools and accessories that are fun, quirky and a joy to use. To use a book-related analogy, it’s exactly the same as being attracted to all the pretty covers.

Yarn is probably the top tool everyone including myself is besotted with – there’s so much choice – and I think crochet hooks are a very close second.

A few months ago, I decided to treat myself to a new set of crochet hooks because the allure of having a collection of hooks to choose from was too tempting.

Lighted Crochet Hooks with Case (set of 9 hooks)

They were also a necessary purchase because I was working with dark yarn and couldn’t see the stitches in my WIP.

For the most part, I think purchasing this set was worth it, but they’re not my favourite hooks to use. For this reason I wanted to outline a few pros and cons in case you are also in the market for similar crochet hooks. But bear in mind, the cons are mainly a personal preference so that doesn’t necessarily mean you would have the same experience with them.


The hooks are quite big.

In comparison to my preferred Clover Amour hook of the same size (UK 5mm/US H), it is half an inch longer and 5mm or so wider. Now that wouldn’t usually be a problem but because of the shape, I personally find it awkward to hold in my small hands.

The plastic handle.

No denying this makes it lightweight and effortless to pick up, especially as there is a battery compartment, but it’s not particularly comfortable to hold. The rubber grip is nice but I have to use a slightly different hold with the hook itself otherwise the end digs into my palm, which aches after a while. Ultra-comfortable grip handles

The shaft is a little too slippy.

Don’t get me wrong, having a smooth shaft on a hook is great so it doesn’t snag on the yarn and you are able to generate a decent speed whilst crocheting but I find that I’m losing my stitches more when I use these particular hooks, especially if I’m crocheting a few stitches together. Now it could just be me, but I don’t have this problem with my other hooks.


The light is bright.

It can be a bit too bright at first but the light is the reason why I bought them, and I’d rather it be bright than really dim and useless. Ideally, they ought to have a brightness setting but the light is incredibly useful for crocheting with dark yarn. The other day, I was making up a sampler for a new project in dark green yarn and I had to switch to using these hooks because I was having difficulty seeing the stitches, even when I had a lamp on. The light in the shaft illuminates the stitches, which makes it easier to carry on working.

Decent variation of hook sizes

This set includes hooks from 2.5mm/C to 6.5mm/K and as someone who primarily crochets with DK weight yarn (takes a 4mm/F hook) this is a good mix of sizes. A slight con is that I cannot see any bigger sizes that you can buy separately e.g if you wanted to crochet with chunkier yarn such as Stylecraft Special XL which takes a 10mm/N or P hook, so for those weights, you’d have to find another hook. However I personally don’t tend to crochet with anything larger than an aran/chunky yarn so this range of sizes is perfect.

Batteries are included.

Absolutely brilliant considering these hooks take 3 batteries each and they can get expensive. The battery size is also noted on the back of the hook which is useful when it comes to replacing them.

As I have an equal number of pros to cons, I would give them a fair 3 star rating. They are good hooks and I do genuinely recommend them for their usefulness, especially if the light is something you’d find helpful, but they’re not quite right for me personally and that’s okay! What hooks work for me might not work for someone else and vice versa!

I hope this review was useful if you are in the market for a new set of crochet hooks, or are new to the craft and looking to buy your first set.

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

2 thoughts on “Review: Yarn Story Lighted Crochet Hooks”

    1. Yes, the only time I’ll use them is if I’m working with dark yarn or I’ve not much light. They’re not hooks I’ll use regularly.


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