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Reading Journal Set Up 2019

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is my first book-related post of 2019 but it is quite an important one for me as it chronicles the set up of a new reading journal and hopefully one I’ll continue to use over the year.

Just shy of the half way point of 2017, I came to all of you with my first main reading journal and up until part way through 2018, it worked brilliantly. I was able to keep tab of the books I was reading and buying, my challenges, my TBR, and it was a nice way of looking back on the reading year without having to turn on my laptop. It also made specific blog posts a lot easier to plan and write.

Unfortunately I did abandon the reading journal part way through the year for a couple of reasons, but I want to remedy that and start afresh.

Personal Supplies:

  • Sigel Conceptum Journal (same one as last time but aqua green rather than purple)
  • Parker Fountain Pen for the general writing (I’ve always preferred ink to biro)
  • Stabilo fineliners for the headings.
  • Faber-Castell colouring pencils for the shading of headings

Of course, you can use whatever supplies you have. Apart from the journal, I didn’t buy any of these specially. They’re simply what I had stashed away from my uni days.


All of these are updated and neater pages than last time. I like to keep things simple and minimalistic. I’m not an artsy person at all and very much a perfectionist when it comes to journals so I didn’t dare do anything too complicated that it took away from the actual premise of this journal – to log my reading and book stats.

I have simple list pages for challenges, top TBR books, Fairyloot Books I need to read, YALC books I need to read, Pre-Orders, Wishlist etc.

(Don’t ask me why the YALC page is like it is. I think I just forgot what I was doing for that page)

Then for my monthly pages, I currently have a partial set up where I’ll note down the books I read and their rating. I’m going to add other stats like last time (favourite, least favourite, format I read in, average rating, books bought etc), and the quarterly stat spread, but I want to determine how much space I need for the books first so I can accommodate that information afterwards.

That so far is my current set up. I would love to have the patience and dedication to create a bullet journal with all the book drawings, special layouts and everything but that wouldn’t really be practical for me. Being simple and minimalist is better. It also takes up less time to design which is a bonus!

Like I said above, this is a slightly updated version of my previous layout but I’m liking it more already. It feels refreshed, more spaced out, and it’s a nice way to begin the new year. I seriously hope I continue with it in spite of everything that will be thrown my way over the course of the year.

Are you setting up a reading journal for 2019?
If so, what information do you like to track and log?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

3 thoughts on “Reading Journal Set Up 2019”

  1. This is a genius idea! I’m always losing track of what I’m reading, what needs to be reviewed etc. I’m going to have to set one of these up myself – I’ve got enough notebooks floating around. Do you divide it by time at all (e.g. months) or just by the categories of books? You’ve got me inspired now!

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    1. I’m dividing the main section by months. January is all ready to be used and filled in, and when it’s the end of the month, I’ll set up February’s page and so forth. I just can’t do all the months at once because I don’t know how many pages I will use for each month. I’m rather wait and do each month as I go along than do them all and not have enough space for everything.

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