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Resolutions Update – May to August

Time has come to upload the second of three resolution updates, although I’ll admit I’ve failed a little on the resolution front. It doesn’t surprise me really but I was hoping to keep on top of these.

Oh well…

General day-to-day resolutions

1. Set aside an hour each day for French and/or Spanish

Haha. What hour each day? I have watched the odd Good Witch film in French but thats about it.

2. No tablets, computers, or technology after 7pm.

Now I’ve started drafting, planning and writing fairly regularly again, I struggle keeping this one. Also if I am not writing, I tend to listen to audiobooks when relaxing which means I have to use technology.

3. Keep things tidy and organised.

Nope. I’m still the untidy and disorganised mess I was at the beginning of the year. The only aspects of my room I generally keep neat and tidy are my bookcases.

4. Write a daily journal entry.

Yes! Result. The only missed day I had was the day I came back from YALC but I’m not annoyed at myself for that because I was truly exhausted.

5. Phone my paternal grandmother every few weeks.

Whoops. However can you blame me for not ringing when all she does is nag and try to tell me what to do with my life? I get off the phone feeling horrible and as much as I do feel guilty for not giving my grandmother what she wants, I’m really tired of being criticised, guilt-tripped, and made to feel worthless because I’m not the person she wants me to be.

Reading resolutions:

1. Goodreads Goal of 50 books

As of writing the post I’ve read 46 books. By the time it is published, I might have even completed this goal.

2. Read or listen to a couple of books in French and/or Spanish.

I’ve read one and a bit! Le Petit Prince, and the first 50 or so pages of Songe à la Douceur by Clémentine Beauvais. I want to re-read the latter all the way through though, especially after meeting and speaking to Clémentine at YALC.

3. Read more from already established authors.

Not really done this.

4. Continue finishing completed series.

This hasn’t happened yet.

5. Book buying ban until after YALC.

I did try to stick to this and I think I did pretty well. The only books I tended to buy were those from authors I’d be seeing at YALC. Since I came back from YALC with 28 books, the challenge is now seeing how many books I don’t buy between now and Christmas.

I think I’ve slipped backwards a bit when it comes to my resolutions but we’re all allowed to do that once in a while. Trying to constantly be at the top and exceed in everything is exhausting if it doesn’t come naturally and that’s definitely me with some of these resolutions. Besides that, they’re never at the top of my head so they get pushed aside by other more important matters.

Have you managed to keep up with any of your resolutions?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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