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Once Upon A Dream

I’m a little away with fairies at the minute and I can’t think of a better way to land on earth and still have my head in the clouds by listening to and analysing Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty. I’ve been in a Sleeping Beauty mood recently and whilst I haven’t watched the film, I have listened to Tchaikovsky’s original ballet over and over because it is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. It just screams of magic, fantasy, of faraway lands, and it’s not surprising to me that Disney choose to use the score as the foundation for Sleeping Beauty.

If there is one thing I particularly love about the score and the song Once Upon A Dream, which was written with the music in mind, it is how beautiful and natural it sounds in other languages besides English. Of course, because it is me typing this, I will be rather biased towards the French dubbing and translation. However, I’ve been listening to other language variations and all of them are just as beautiful!

I can’t pick one to translate so I want to share them all with you. Luckily I have found videos with lyrics so I don’t have the onerous job of translating them all! Also, I’m simply sticking with the languages I personally know and want to know so that is mainly the big European languages of French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Saying that, the Spanish version of Once Upon A Dream is Latin American Spanish and not Castilian Spanish which is more widely spoken in Spain and it’s what I mainly learnt. It is still Spanish but I’ve often been caught out by a few differences in vocabulary and pronunciation which do set both variations apart from each other. I personally prefer learning Castilian Spanish but it’s just what I’m used to, and it’s what I’m more likely to speak considering I never really travel outside of Europe.

Anyway, that’s enough language rambling, let’s just share the beauty of this song.

Once Upon A Dream – Sleeping Beauty (English)


J’en ai révé –  La Belle au Bois Dormant


Eres-tú – La Bella Durmiente


Ein ungewöhnlicher Prinz/Ich kenn’ Dich – Dornröschen


Un Principe Bizzarro /Io Lo So – La bella addormentata nel bosco


To me, there is nothing more natural than hearing this song in multiple languages. There are so many variations on the fairytale though that it’s hard figuring out which one fits and works better than the others.  Surprisingly, I quite like the German version because even though German is such a hard language compared to the fluidity and beauty and the Latin languages, it sounds soft. It also does a pretty good job of not deviating from the message of the original song, which I appreciate.

The main thing about writing these types of posts and listening to all this music is that it motivates me more to carry on learning the language. I’ll often go around the house singing some of the French versions but I want to expand my repertoire and listening to and learning the other languages will only help with that.

Which version out of these is your favourite?

I know I’m partial to the French (obviously!) but the German version really took me by surprise.

Have you any other versions I didn’t include?
Which ones would you recommend listening to?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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