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Showcase – The Ones That Disappeared


The end of the month is nigh so here is another unread book from my bookcase to share with you.

The Ones That Disappeared by Zana Fraillon

Image result for the ones that disappeared by zana fraillonDate of Publication – 13th July 2017

Format – Paperback

Number of pages – 320

Beautiful, magical and moving, this is a SKELLIG for a new generation, from the author of THE BONE SPARROW, shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2017 and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize 2016.

Some stories need to be told… A moving, beautifully-written and poignant novel about child trafficking and the search for freedom.

Kept by a ruthless gang, three children manage to escape from slavery. But freedom isn’t just waiting on the outside.

Separated, scared and looking after a small child, Esra will do whatever she can to reunite with her friend Miran, who was captured by the police – the police who she mustn’t trust.

Hiding in the shadows of the forest, Esra is found by a local boy, a boy with his own story. Together they will create a man out of mud. A man who will come to life and lead them through a dark labyrinth of tunnels until they finally have the courage the step above ground. Until they finally have the courage to speak their story. Until they finally have the courage to be free.


Miran pulls the door shut behind us, and the thud of it thumps fear through my gut. Those footsteps are coming hard and fast through the kitchen and down the hall, His eyes seeing that metal door hanging open, seeing The Jungle with all its dead plants, seeing into the corner, following our handprints to the door.

We didn’t make it. We got so so close. Thirty seconds sooner and we could have done it. We could have been over the front gate and down the street. That’s all we needed. Thirty more damn seconds.

Seriously for a book that has such a dark and powerful subject, why is there absolutely no fuss about it? Why, like the Bone Sparrow, has it been allowed to fall under the radar?

Everybody screams for books like The Hate U Give and The Exact Opposite of Okay because they deal with contemporary political and societal occurrences but so does this, even if its subject doesn’t have as much awareness and activism behind it. Nonetheless that is my point. This is a book that highlights such an important issue all over the world and we need to get behind it, champion its message so that more people know and stand up saying this is not okay.

I know when I’ve finally read it, it will be a book I never stop talking about.

Maybe one of you can prove me wrong and knows about this book.

If you have, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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