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Disneyland Scores and Soundtracks


If there is one thing I always connect with Disneyland and the other theme parks, it is the music. It is how I get to experience the magic of all the parks without having to hop on a plane or train. I don’t really say this but thank you YouTube because that is where I find and listen to most of the music. I do have an iTunes playlist but when I’m at home, it’s mainly YouTube.

Anyway. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces of music and songs to come from Disneyland (past and present).

So, let’s get started.

Grim Grinning Ghosts – The Haunted Mansion

I think what I love the most about this theme and song is that it starts off being very creepy but lightens up when it gets to the main ‘grim grinning ghosts’ lyrics. It still retains the creepiness and ghost-like undertones but it’s sung in a way that doesn’t make it too scary. X Atencio who did a lot of the original songs for Disneyland was very clever in that respect because he managed to get the blend right and come up with a classic track that is universally loved in the Disney community.

Yo Ho Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me – Pirates of the Caribbean

If there is one Disneyland theme I love the most, it is Pirates of the Caribbean. Although the original attraction didn’t open in Disneyland until 1967, it has become such an iconic song and one that, along with the attraction in general, helped to spawn the popular film franchise. The one thing I love about this song is that no matter where I am when I listen to it, I am instantly enveloped by the atmosphere of the attraction (although Disneyland Paris not Disneyland). I also love the mix of voices in the lyrics as it brings an added depth and wider perspective to the Pirate world.

Married Life – Main Street USA Loop

So the Married Life theme is part of Michael Giacchino’s score from PIXAR’s Up, which when running alongside its corresponding scenes, is arguably one of the most stunning and emotive piece of animation ever. It’s such a brilliant score that I’m not surprised Disneyland decided to rework it a little for their Main Street USA loop. This version definitely evokes the Victorian/turn of the century feel you get when walking down or just even thinking about Main Street USA and it has such a cheerful, light tone (remarkably different to aspects of the original track) that instantly throws you into this very easy-going, slow-moving history and way of life that Disneyland wants to you discover and experience. I could listen to this and the longer Main Street USA loop all day.

The Boudin Bakery Score – Disneyland California Adventure

Right so this is a more recent piece of music from Disneyland because it comes from the Boudin Bakery which is an actual shop in Disneyland California Adventure. From what I’ve gathered, the bakery is one of San Francisco’s oldest and current companies and in Disneyland they have a tour hosted by Rosie O’Donnell and Colin Mochrie which explains and showcases the company’s history. I heard this piece of music on the Disneyland Legacy Collection and I’m not entirely sure what attracts me to it. I know this will sound basic but I just like the general orchestration and the mix of instruments. That’s it.

Suitcase and a Dream: Red Car News Boys – Disneyland California Adventure

Last but not least, is probably one of my favourite tracks that I came across on the Disneyland Legacy Collection. From what I know, it is a segment from a bigger performance of streetmosphere in California Adventure that takes place on Buena Vista Street. To me, performances like this bring the whole Disney atmosphere to life, especially when you’re in areas like Buena Vista street and Main Street USA. It enhances the story and this particular segment strikes me as being very important to the Disneyland theme as a whole. It’s referencing Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse and the beginning of the main Disney story. It is also a shout out to Newsies which is great to see! Focusing on this song in particular, the lyrics are what make it! They’re so Disney and inspirational that I always find myself listening to it when I have a low-motivational day.


It don’t matter if you’re rich or broke. It don’t matter if you’ve given up hope. All you need is a little drive to make your dreams begin to come alive

I feel the need to include the whole show too because then you can hear the song in its original context.

One day, I hope a small show like this will come to the Walt Disney Studios, or even Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris because I have a feeling it would go down a storm. It also needs more streetmosphere in general anyway.

And that is that. I know there are more pieces of music that I’ve missed off and not mentioned but maybe that’s a blog post for another day. For now, this set of five is it.

For all of you Disney parks fans out there, what are some of your favourite scores and soundtracks?
What do you think of my choices?

Thanks for reading, listening and have a brazzle dazzle day!

14 thoughts on “Disneyland Scores and Soundtracks”

  1. In terms of Disney soundtracks, I love Beauty and the Beast and Newsies.

    Yes I forgot, Aladdin and Lion King. I Just forgot seeing them. I am about to see Lion King in September. It is touring to Charlotte: I know I will love it and I heard the songs from the movie along with the new ones for the stage. As for Aladdin, I know about A Whole New World: I hope I see it and it is touring to Charlotte next year so I hope I get to see it

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    1. Out of the film and stage show soundtracks, Beauty and the Beast and Newsies are two of my favourites too.

      I haven’t seen Aladdin and The Lion King on stage either but when I’ve listened to the soundtracks via YouTube, I’ve really liked them. I hope to see them one day too but I don’t know when.


      1. Newsies is a very new musical in my life- saw it August 2016 on tour when it came to Charlotte. I was mind-blown by the dance talent of the boys. I love the relationship all the Newsies shared and especially loved the relationship found between Jack and Crutchie. Love the fun and emotional score and love the inspiring story.

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      2. I also heard about it a few years ago as well but through podcasts and YouTube. I’ve seen some of the dance talent as well and it is amazing! I don’t think it is in the UK though so I’ll have to find the film and see if I can experience the story that way.


      3. It isn’t in the UK. It was first a stage show at Paper Mill Playhouse. Then transferred to Broadway and lasted two years and only lasted two years on tour. I saw it on tour.

        I actually think Newsies could work really well in the UK. It would be amazing if it transfer to the UK. Even though I live in the US, I know it could work really well in the UK. After all, people love musicals in the UK. I hope it does transfer

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      4. Yeah, I think it would work well too, especially since the initial response in the US was good. It’s a shame it didn’t last as long as it should have done because it certainly brought some recognition to the story, especially as the film was a flop originally.

        And I agree. We love a good musical, which Newsies certainly is one!


      5. It won Tony Awards for best Score and best Choreography. The fact it won score for both says how talented the dance is and how incredible the score is.

        So it would do really well in the UK. I keep on noticing it ended up in community theatre across the US. What is different about Newsies from other musicals is that the entire cast is basically all males- yes there are females in the cast, but not much.

        Newsies is so underrated. By London having the West End, I know that the UK loves musicals and hearing about touring productions.

        I think the stage show did better because there is a strong improvement to the score. It helped having the reporter being a female. It added more of a love interest to Jack, which created an amazing love song. There were improvements to the songs like lyrics and some songs were taken out. I may have mainly heard the stage show songs, but heard some of the film’s songs and can tell the stage show has a much improved score

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      6. I think I’d heard about that and is not surprising considering how amazing the choreography is. I’ve think I’ve also heard both soundtracks and the stage version was certainly the best!


      7. Understandable- it is easy to remember the Newsies songs over hers. I love “Santa Fe” has more emotion. At the beginning of Newsies, there is “Santa Fe (Prologue), which makes Jack and Crutchie’s bond stronger. So there are many reasons why the stage show’s songs are better than the film

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      8. I tend to prefer the more emotional scores because they are more realistic. Newsies is definitely one of the more emotional scores: fun songs with some more emotional songs like “Santa Fe”, which is a sad song: context helps with knowing that emotion

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