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Disney Animated Classics: This or That


You know how I said I was in a bit of a Disney post slump, well I came across this post on Lize’s blog Lize in Disneyland and I just had to join in on the fun! Similarly, I decided to stick with the animated classics and films because they are the Disney films I watch the most and subsequently have more opinions about.

I’m obviously picking out two films at random and my one rule is to not put any back if I don’t like them together. I have to stick with them!

As there are 54 films to get through, this will take a while. Sit back, enjoy and maybe have some Disney music on in the background to help you get into the Disney mood!

Fantasia 2000 vs Robin Hood

Oh, now these are two films I haven’t watched the most, neither are they films I gravitate towards whenever I’m in the mood for a Disney classic. However, I think I would go for Robin Hood because it is one of my parents favourite Disney films and I would like to watch more of the films they remember from their childhoods.

Home on the Range vs Fox and the Hound. 

No question, I would easily go for Fox and the Hound. It is one of the only Disney VHS I used to keep at my grandparents and as I spent a lot of my childhood there, it is one I got to love as a child. I also love the message it promotes and the music is very simple and beautiful. Home on the Range however is a film I’ve only watched once and I wasn’t the greatest fan of it.

The Emperor’s New Groove vs Peter Pan. 

Oh. Two films I love and haven’t really watched all that much. Nonetheless, I think I would go for The Emperor’s New Groove because it is the film I have only watched once and subsequently loved. I am also not that clued up on the films from the 2000s so I need to watch it again in order to thrash my sister at Disney Trivial Pursuits!

Beauty and the Beast vs Wreck-It Ralph

Sorry Wreck-It Ralph but I will go for Beauty and the Beast every time. It is my all time favourite and whilst I did like Wreck-It Ralph, it’s not one I see myself re-watching.

The Black Cauldron vs Pinocchio

So The Black Cauldron is a film I’ve seen once, and Pinocchio is the film I was subjected too nearly every week as my sister used to watch it repeatedly as a child. I do like both films but in this case I think I might go for The Black Cauldron because it does have quite a dark history behind it and it threw the Disney studios into such a tumultuous time which they managed to recover from with one of my favourite eras in animation. I also want to watch it again so it will give me the motivation to pick up the Chronicles of Prydain book series, which I’ve heard good things about.

Fun and Fancy Free vs Fantasia

I know I’ve watched both of these early Disney films and I think I would choose Fun and Fancy Free because it is my favourite out of all the package era films. I also have to be in the right mood to watch Fantasia and it is isn’t one I can really share with my sister.

Tarzan vs 101 Dalmatians.

Oh, now I’m not sure if I’ve ever watched Tarzan all the way through. Actually, I think I have done once as again it was one of the late 90s early 2000 films I bypassed as a kid. However, I do love the music and listen to that a lot. Nonetheless, I think 101 Dalmatians just pips it to the post because it is one of my favourite classics and it brings up a lot of memories.

The Wild vs The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Now I’m not sure if I read something a while ago about The Wild just being a film that Disney distributed and not really part of their animated canon. I’ve also not watched it and to me it seems like a knock-off of Madagascar which I’m sure was released around the same time. So obviously, the winner here is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and like with 101 Dalmatians, I have a lot of childhood memories connected to this film and its franchise. It is a comfort film and one that is guaranteed to cheer me up on a gloomy day.

Brother Bear vs Hercules. 

I’m going to stick to my 90s child identity here and pick Hercules. Every time I watch it, I love it even more and the music is so catchy.

Moana vs Frozen

Oh God, why did I have to pick up these two hyped-up films together? This is is very much like an unpopular opinions question, and I’m going to pick Frozen because regardless of the fake insta-love between Anna and Hans it is the better film. In terms of music they are about the same (as in I hate one song from both the soundtracks) but for me Frozen is more well-rounded and packaged when it comes to story development, character likeability, and world building. It also deals with multiple perspectives which I expected to see in Moana and didn’t get, which was a huge disappointment.

Chicken Little vs Meet The Robinsons

Another easy one because I didn’t like Chicken Little when I saw it a while ago. To me, it felt more Dreamworks or Universal than Disney and I couldn’t watch it all. However, Meet the Robinsons has all the Disney messages that a film can provide and it is massively underrated. It might not be one I watch a lot, but I’d certainly watch it over Chicken Little.

Bolt vs The Lion King. 

I think in terms of animation, music, and the fact that it was originally considered to be the least important film for Disney at the time of its production and release, I’ll pick The Lion King. I’ve also never really been attracted to Bolt as a film.

Melody Time vs The Rescuers Down Under

Based solely on the reason that I haven’t watched it and really need to watch it at some point, I’m going for The Rescuers Down Under.

Princess and the Frog vs Lilo and Stitch

This is a hard one for me because in terms of genre, they are completely different films. Princess and the Frog is a classic fairytale, and Lilo and Stitch is a Sci-Fi/Contemporary mash up. Both have aspects I adore and would love in more animated films but as I am all for the fantasy, I would have to choose Princess and the Frog.

Lady and the Tramp vs The Sword in the Stone. 

I really like both of these classic films, but my favourite is Lady and the Tramp. It is one of my top 10 favourite animated films of all time and it highlights messages that are really important to me. I also really like the sequel.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame vs The Great Mouse Detective. 

Damn, damn, a thousand times damn for this combination because how the hell can I decide between two of my favourite underrated and under appreciated films? However I am going to have to pick one or the other and I think I will pick The Great Mouse Detective because it is more likely to be one I’d pick when I want a laugh-out-loud comfort film and I can’t get enough of Vincent Price as Rattigan.

Ps. for all of the bookworms reading this who have read VE Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy, I so nearly wrote “sanct” as my response to this combination. I know this is a Disney post but if you are a Disney Bookworm who loves fantasy, check out the trilogy because it is amazing!!! Anyway, I digress.

The Rescuers vs The Jungle Book.

Oh gosh. I’ve not watched both of these films for ages. I think in terms of the music and cast of characters, I will have to go for The Jungle Book. I also loved the spin-off tv series, (Jungle Cubs) we had in the 90s so it does hold more memories for me.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs vs The Little Mermaid. 

Second unpopular opinion of the day because whilst I love the music, I don’t really like The Little Mermaid and never have done for some reason. On the other hand, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a favourite family film and I champion Snow White as an important princess because she is kind, loving, picks herself up after being abandoned and nearly murdered, and doesn’t stop dreaming for a better life. Internal strength is not a weakness! It is needed in today’s society!

The Three Caballeros vs Big Hero 6.

I know I have watched The Three Caballeros even though I don’t really remember anything of it. It is also not really a film I see myself watching repeatedly, and Big Hero 6 is, so there is no deliberation needed. It is also very well-rounded, full of inspiration and aspiration, and has a cast of amazing characters that feel relatable in many different ways.

Pocahontas vs Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty for its aesthetic, Maleficent, the hilarity that is Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, and Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music that weaves its way through the entire film. I listen to a lot of classic music nowadays and the Sleeping Beauty ballet is one of my favourite pieces of music and I have so much admiration for the way they used it to underscore the whole film. It’s a film that had to grow on me but now I truly see it as a Disney masterpiece.

The Aristocats vs Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

As much as I need to re-watch Atlantis, I’m completely here for The Aristocats. I’ve always loved this film, and it has so many brilliant moments. I also love the sibling rivalry and banter between Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz. It’s classic!

Treasure Planet vs Bambi

Another modern classic/traditional classic combination and I’m going to be predictable and say Bambi because I personally do have a greater appreciation and fondness for the older classics. It’s just that I watched them more and they’re what instilled in me my childhood love of Disney. However, I do want to get more into Treasure Planet because I can see it being one of the more underrated 2000-era films I will like the most.

Oliver and Company vs Mulan.

Oliver and Company because I’ve always liked Oliver Twist as a classic story and I like the spin that Disney put on it. Also, I’ve never really been bothered by Mulan as a film, and whilst I understand the hype, I’m still indifferent towards it.

Dumbo vs Cinderella

Both films have an important place in my heart but I’m more of a Cinderella gal. It’s my second favourite film behind Beauty and the Beast and I do take a lot from Cinderella as a character.

Aladdin vs The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad

Urgh. For the Alan Menken music, general storytelling and complex characters, I have to go for Aladdin. Truth be told, it is not a 90s classic I’ve never watched that much but I would watch it more than Ichabod and Mr Toad.

Tangled vs Alice in Wonderland.

Oh for heaven’s sake. Seriously these combinations are driving me crazy! Anyway, as much as I love the whimsy, curiosity and classic feel of Alice in Wonderland, I love Tangled that little bit more. It has that feel good factor throughout the film that instantly makes me feel better about myself and it contains one of my favourite ever pieces of modern Disney animation in the I See The Light sequence. That’s also one of my favourite songs too.

And lastly…

Make Mine Music vs Saludos Amigos 

I can’t quite remember if I’ve seen Saludos Amigos although I pretty certain I have the DVD. I also can’t remember Make Mine Music even though I know I’ve watched it. However, I’m going to go for Saludos Amigos for the reason that it has Donald Duck and Goofy and I will no doubt love their antics more.

And with 54 films done and dusted, that is finally that.

This was hard, and I made it worse on myself because due to my ditziness, I nearly did Tarzan and Bambi twice. Whoops!

What would you choose?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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    1. Thanks. I’m thinking about doing a few more posts like these because they are fun to compile and write.

      I hope you enjoy Moana when you get around to watching it.

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