Current Crochet Tools and Projects


I’m back with a bit of a different post today because I’m feeling very much in a book and Disney slump. I’m not in the mood to write up any of the posts I initially planned for May so it has left me with a lot of blank spaces on my schedule spreadsheet and the general idea to dive a little more into the world of Emma beyond just books and Disney.

If there is one thing that has taken over my life at the moment, it is crochet. I taught myself how to crochet just before Christmas and I’m finding it very addictive. I’m always on the hunt for new projects to start, even when I’m in the middle of one, and when I get a spare moment I’m picking up some wool and a hook rather than the current book sat on my bedside table.

For me, it’s incredibly relaxing. It gives me something to focus on when my mind is spinning and I need to calm myself down. I think it is also a nice craft to share with family and friends, because many of us cherish handmade gifts and especially those that are tailored to our own personalities. I always liked crafting things for people when I was little and this is definitely a way of keeping that going.

So, what type of hooks do I use?

IMG_0532Well, I recently swapped out my set of metal hooks for these which I purchased on Amazon. This set of hooks ranges from sizes 2 to 8mm (UK sizes) and have rubber handles which makes them really comfortable to use. I found that the metal ones hurt my hand after a while so moving over to these was definitely better. I also love the mix of colours and the case they came in along with a few other important accessories (embroidery needles of varying widths, stitch markers, a row/stitch counter, tape measure, and a wool cutter). The case is brilliant as I can just stash everything in there with no worry about losing any of the smaller tools.

I also have these hooks (9, 10, 12mm), which I had to buy individually as I found it damned difficult to find a set like IMG_0531the one above that goes to 12mm and I needed a 10mm hook for one of my projects. Whilst these don’t have the rubber handles, I still find them nice to use. Alongside that, I have another set of stitch markers because a), you can never have enough and they’re easy to lose down the side of a chair/couch/bed, and b) these three hooks were classed as add-ons on Amazon and I couldn’t buy them unless the items in my basket amounted to a certain price.


This also comes with more embroidery needles, a tape measure, and three plastic rectangle things – yes I say ‘things’ because I have no idea what they’re actually meant to be! (Update on 22/07/18 – they are little separators that slide into the grooves in the top segment of the case, creating other compartments for more markers if I decide to put the needles and tape measure elsewhere).

In terms of ongoing projects, I have a little bit of an obsession at the moment with blankets, especially baby blankets. I think it’s down to the fact that my sister’s boyfriend’s family have a new baby, a friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby, and my cousin and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby. I want to move onto other projects (baby, child and adult-friendly) but as I still class myself as a beginner to crochet, I find blankets are a good way of discovering and practising different stitches. Scarves too, although I tend to save those for knitting.

Current projects (finished and work in progress)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Blanket 1 is the only one that’s actually finished, and you can tell because it looks so much neater than the other two! The other two are works in progress, although I would have finished the second one (a general blanket) last week had I not ran out of the cream wool and then stumbled into issues having more delivered.

Blanket 3 has to be my favourite though as I love the multi-tonal dye of the wool and how it looks with the stitches (a granny stitch). I think once it is done, it will look very effective and incredibly sweet. It also seems to grow really quickly, albeit when I don’t make a mistake and have to take out stitches in order to put it right.

There’s just one problem I have and it is very similar to the issue I have with writing projects – another idea or two worm their way to the front of my mind part way through the current project. It’s a pain!

One is to make these amigurumi heart similar to these and string them up so it makes a pretty decoration! Two, coasters in possibly Disney character colours, and other easy patterns that don’t take a lot of time to make!

Image result for amigurumi hearts Image result for crochet coasters patterns

It is a lot of fun and certainly worthwhile as you get something great at the end of it.

I think that’s it from me for now.

Do any of you crochet or knit?
If so, what do you like about it?
If not, is it something you would like to learn?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!



2 thoughts on “Current Crochet Tools and Projects

    1. Yeah. Often I find myself crocheting more than reading which is nice but inhibiting me from getting through the number of books I need to read by the end of July. Also the funny thing is that although this post has just gone out, I wrote it about a month ago and I actually finished both blankets within a few days of each other.


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