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Disneyland Attractions I’d Love To Experience


Over a month or so ago, my family was throwing about the idea of a holiday to America and specifically, California. We scrapped it in the end due to family circumstances and the like but I got to thinking about Disneyland and what I would have loved to experience on such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity trip. When it is on my mind, I can see myself doing exactly what I do with Disneyland Paris –  walk under the Disneyland railroad and stand at the top of Main Street USA, thinking about how to fill a day in the park. I’d do a gentle saunter around the park, taking in the atmosphere and loving the feel of being there for the first time. I also might interact with a couple of characters and most likely experience some of the attractions not found in Disneyland Paris.

Hopefully, I will one day fulfil the dream of visiting Disneyland but until then, I will have to listen to music and hear people talk about the park attractions they love the most. I will also have to keep thinking of attractions I would love to experience and wish Disneyland Paris would have for themselves. Luckily enough, we’re about to dive into 5 of them!

Splash Mountain (Critter Country)

Image result for splash mountain disneyland

A classic attraction to open in 1989! It is also the attraction I’m surprised Disney constructed and opened in both Disneyland and WDW given the controversy surrounding Song of the South as a film. Anyway, it is a well-known classic attraction and I would love to be immersed in a fictional world we Disney fans rarely see promoted. Secondly I have always loved log-flume attractions so it would be really fun! I think this would also be one of the first attractions of my day in Disneyland because if I subsequently get wet – knowing me that’s a very high probability – I could carry on walking around Disneyland knowing that the California sun would help to dry me out.

The Jungle Cruise

Image result for the jungle cruise disneyland anaheim

One of the big bonuses in terms of this attraction is its accessibility. My sister and I can traverse the river, explore jungle surroundings and understand everything the skipper is saying because we can be joined by Sign Language interpreter. YAY! I don’t have to make myself look silly by fumbling over signs and quips the Jungle Cruise is famous for!

Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

Related image

I have multiple reasons for wanting to ride this:

  1. It’s based on a classic animated short we don’t really see much of nowadays
  2. It is unique to Disneyland now that the same attraction in WDW has been replaced. It is also one of the original opening day attractions still running.
  3. I’m curious to see how Imagineers imagined the English countryside and Manor House setting – mainly, does it conform to stereotypes?
The Disneyland Story Presenting Great Moments With Mr Lincoln

Image result for great moments with mr. lincoln disneyland

One of the reasons why I want to go to Disneyland in particular is for the history, so of course I will be wanting to soak up that history in every way possible. As well as understanding why Walt Disney admired Abraham Lincoln, I get to walk round exhibits and artefacts showcasing the development and concept of Disneyland. I’ll never want to get out of there!

and lastly

The Matterhorn Bobsleds

Image result for matterhorn bobsleds disneyland

Rollercoasters are not always my thing but they are attractions I would like to fully conquer one day. I feel like The Matterhorn Bobsleds would be a good starting point, especially with the immersion Disney is famous for. Secondly, I’d love to be someone who can say I’ve experienced the first ever tubular steel rollercoaster in the world. With an attraction as unique as that in Disneyland, I wouldn’t be able to bypass it.

As I said above, one day I will make it out to Disneyland and experience everything it has to offer. Until then I will just have to dream and satisfy my need by listening to park music or writing up posts like these.

If you’ve never been to Disneyland, what park attractions would you like to experience?

If you’re lucky enough to have made the trip, what are your favourite attractions (classic or new)?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


10 thoughts on “Disneyland Attractions I’d Love To Experience”

  1. I hope you get to go to Disneyland!! I`ve always wanted to get to Disneyland too, I`ve been to Walt Disney World several times but Disneyland is on my bucket list!! 🙂 Great post !

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  2. Ah these are all great attractions! I recently went to Disneyland for the first time and got to ride all of these! Unexpectedly, I think Mr. Toad might be my favorite out of the attractions mentioned here. There are just certain aspects that I find very unique and entertaining. As far as Splash Mt goes, I enjoy the Disney World one better but they’re both still great rides. Jungle Cruise is just super punny and fun. The Matterhorn was one of the first Disneyland exclusive rides I knew about when I was young. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to ride it so it was pretty exciting when I finally got to ride it!
    Funny story about Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, so my mom and I were actually walking out of Disneyland on our last day in Anaheim when I stopped to run to the bathroom. When I came out, my mom was talking to a custodial cast member who we spoke to for a good while until she told us how great of an attraction it was. So, of course, she walked us over to the attraction and I’m really glad I went in there because, not only was the attraction good, but the building it’s housed in had a good amount of Disney history/memorabilia that I’m really glad I got to see!

    And as far as attractions I want to ride, It’s a dream of mine to go to Disneyland Paris and ride their Space Mt and Phantom Manor!

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    1. I adore Disneyland Paris. Funnily enough, I’ve never been on Phantom Manor. I’ve always passed it by. Space Mountain – or Hyperspace Mountain as it’s now called – is one ride I don’t personally like though due to the inversions and the fact that the last time I went on it, I couldn’t stop feeling dizzy afterwards. It’s just not one for me.

      The reason why I am interested in the Great Moments With Mr Lincoln is partly down to the Disney history and memorabilia. It’s what my adult obsession with Disney is based on. In terms of Splash Mountain, I think I’ve heard other people say that they prefer the WDW equivalent but as I would be more inclined to go to Disneyland rather than WDW, I wouldn’t really know.

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      1. I forget that Paris now has Hyperspace mountain! See I think I want to ride it so much because of it’s inversions and intensity! But I’m just a huge fan of roller coasters so I’m happy with any coasters I can ride!
        I totally get that! I’ve recently found myself a huge fan of disney history in general. And I get that as a reason to want to visit Disneyland as opposed to WDW (that’s part of why I visited Disneyland recently instead of going to WDW with some other friends) I hope you are able to experience both WDW and Disneyland one day! 🙂

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    1. Tower of Terror is not an attraction that appeals to me. I can imagine myself having issues with motion sickness which does bother me on a couple of thrill-based attractions. I’d also be less inclined to go on Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure now since the Marvel takeover. I’m just not a fan.

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