Book Journal Updates

Hello! How is 2018 treating you now February has come around? I can’t say if it is any different to January at the moment but I suppose things happen when they happen.

Anyway, today I am back with an update on my book journal, which everyone seemed to go crazy for when I did my initial post in June of last year. I, honestly, did not expect such  a response and it has actually helped me to keep up with it. It has also made my blogging a lot easier because when I come to do the monthly wrap-ups and wish-list type posts, everything is already written down.

Whilst I say this is an updated, the journal (a purple Conceptum) and its content hasn’t changed. I suppose the only difference is that I’ve brought it into the new year and summed up everything to do with reading. But let’s show it anyway.

At the end of December, I did the quarterly statistics and the books I got between November and December.


Yearly Favourites and my most Surprising Reads of 2017 – these you’ll know from previous posts.


Reading Challenges and the Main Books I Want to Read in 2018


ending then with Books I Want to Re-Read.


After that, the monthly format with quarterly statistics will be the same as before – book, author, rating out of 5, dates read. Also:

~ favourite book
~ least favourite book
~ number of DNFs
~ number of books read
~ number of audiobooks
~ average rating
~ books bought

Making this book journal last year was one of the best things I did. I continue to love it and it keeps me on top of everything book and blogging related. I’ll be sad when it is finished but it’s made me want to continue recording books and my reading in this manner. When the time comes, I’ll get another one of these Conceptum notebooks as I can’t imagine using anything else.

That’s all from me and my book journal for now!

If you keep any kind of book or reading journal, have you kept up with it?

Have you been inspired to keep any kind of journal? If so, what do you use it for?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!


8 thoughts on “Book Journal Updates”

    1. Haha! Thank you. I write very slowly. Obviously it isn’t on show here but my handwriting can also be a scrawl, especially if I’m being forced to write quickly.

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    1. Thank you. No matter how many times I receive the compliments on my handwriting, it’s always nice and a little surprising at the same time. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Most people are! I fell in love with the French cursive when I was living in France and I somehow integrated it into my own handwriting. It’s neat because I write super slowly and I’m a real perfectionist when it comes to my personal handwritten notes, journals and things. And when I initially started using a fountain pen at school, I forced myself to write more neatly so I wouldn’t leave ink trails or smudges. I now struggle writing with any other pen.

      If you want to borrow some ideas, go ahead. When it comes to my book journal, I don’t think I’m the most creative but the simple layout works fine for me. I’d love to be able to do the bullet journals but I’d spend most of my time re-doing and perfecting the outline instead of filling it up.

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  1. So, I started thinking of starting a book journal last year, but now that I have seen your post, I really want too.
    Btw, I love your handwriting. It’s beautiful. I just scribble, and when I don’t and take my time, it still looks messy and sometimes I can’t read it😂💜

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    1. I find it a useful backup for when my internet has dropped and I can’t get onto Goodreads. I do actually prefer using it because it is a more personal reminder of what books I’ve read over the year and what I thought of them. Actually, you’ve just reminded me that I’ve not updated it with my current reads!

      And thank you. It got drilled into me at school that people always want handwriting to be neat and legible so it kind of stuck. I also like trying my hand at calligraphy sometimes so I suppose that helps.


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