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Reading Hopes For 2018


2018 has popped its head around the corner, and with it comes a brand new reading year.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances last year, challenges became something of a burden. They weren’t enjoyable and reading was put on the back burner for other fictional mediums and more creative pastimes. So this doesn’t happen again, fixed challenges will be confined to that bygone year.

Only one challenge is set in stone, and for me, it’s straightforward.

Goodreads Reading Goal – 50 books.

For me, it is better this way. It gives me the scope to read spontaneously, to read what I feel like reading when it suits me.

However that doesn’t mean I have given up challenges altogether. Ones I have set out on my personal Goodreads Challenge page are flexible and adaptable. Really, they are more along the lines of hopes than actual challenges.

So, what are these hopes:

1. Read or listen to a couple of books in French and Spanish

This year, a general resolution of mine is to get back into my languages, to speak, write and use them like I did at university. I want to regain my fluency and understanding of these great languages and starting to read more of them will hopefully help that along. I’ve always found exposure of languages to be a blessing and letting them fall by the wayside these past couple of years has upset me a lot. My bilingualism is a large part of who I am and I feel like I am rejecting part of myself for not having kept up with both languages. In order to feel motivated, I am going right back to the beginning, reading books that will be easier (children’s books, translations of books I’ve already read), and then working my way up again. If this is the case, Harry Potter might be making a more regular appearance on this blog as I make my way through my French editions.

2. Continue finishing completed series. 

This is another one I’ve carried over from last year and I think it will end up being a lifelong goal. I doubt I will ever manage to finish all the series on my shelves, and there are a lot of them. Some have even been on there for a while now *cough* *cough* Black Magician’s Trilogy by Trudi Canavan!

3. Read more from already established authors. 

There’s something nice about reading books from familiar authors and supporting them in their work, but at the same time, I sometimes feel bad about neglecting authors of whom I know write within similar genres. I want to expand my reading horizons and experience new or well-developed authors, to step outside of my comfort zone and become more widely read. For example, in terms of classics (traditional and modern), I want to dive into something by Hemingway, Mark Twain, Orwell, etc.

There they are.

There might only be three but as I said, I don’t want to be bogged down by challenges that make my reading regimented. I want spontaneity. I want to bring back the enjoyment of reading and let it relax me again.

Have you set any challenges for 2018?

What might they be?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

4 thoughts on “Reading Hopes For 2018

    1. I hope so too. I think I read that first book years ago but I can’t remember anything! I also want to get into more of Trudi Canavan’s books because she seems like an author I would really enjoy

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