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New Year’s Resolutions


The 1st January is now upon us and a new year is beginning.

With a new year comes new year’s resolutions and I want to try to stick to some. I am one of those people who will start off having good intentions, changing how I want my life to be, but nothing ever works out. I think I set expectations that are too high. However, that will not be the case for 2018.

Similarly to my reading goals, which will be up in a couple of days, I want to make sure any resolutions are flexible and easily manageable. I feel that life is just going to be as up and down as it was in 2017, so having that flexibility is important. Secondly, if I keep them to a minimum then I can throw all my concentration onto them and not needlessly worry.

So, resolution time.

1. Set aside an hour each day for both French and Spanish. 

Languages need keeping up if you don’t use them and mine are very badly neglected. It’s time to get back into them, whether that be reading, listening or watching anything in said languages.

2. No tablets, computers or technology past 7:00pm. 

There are many reasons why I’m implementing this, but the one that matters the most to me is that I want to give my eyes a break from looking at a screen. If I want to read, then I’ll read a physical book, if I want to write, I’ll use pencil and paper, and then if I don’t want to do any of those things then I can use that time for knitting or puzzles, or actually communicating with my family! It will also be healthy for my sleeping pattern as well as my poor eyesight!

3. Keep things tidy and organised. 

This is what it says on the tin. I can be messy, all over the place, and when that builds up, my bad side rears its ugly head. If I re-teach myself to be organised, to put things away, to keep on top of things then I might regain the patience I used to pride myself on having. It’s important for me to not get too frustrated and irritated because then people around me feel that energy and things go south very quickly. My family is not one that keeps calm very easily and if I can relearn that patience by just changing my habits, then our environment is a little less volatile and anxious.

I am leaving it there. Three is a manageable number. It’s a small and easy number. I say the words ‘small’ and ‘easy’ but knowing me, these resolutions are anything but. They take motivation, determination, tenacity and I need to find that again. I hope I do because then I might feel less anxious about things when they happen.

Anyway, I don’t want to ramble on too much so there we go.

Are you making any resolutions for 2018?

Do you think you’ll stick to them?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

12 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions”

    1. Clutter has certainly built up here too! In fact, my dad brought down at least 10 boxes from the loft today (much to the chagrin of me and my mother) for us to go through. I found a lot of old school revision notes I should have thrown away and recycled years ago!

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      1. We’ve donated a lot of things to charity – books (those I don’t want!), computer things, old toys and games etc.. We’ve acquired so much stuff that we’re falling over it, and our house is moderately sized! Unless it is of sentimental value and will be of use to you or someone else in the near future, I’d say donate or throw it away.

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      2. That’s the plan. I’m hoping to head over to Goodwill next weekend with a whole lot of stuff! My apartment is pretty small so I definitely need to declutter. I hope that once I have some space I’ll feel less cluttered mentally also!

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    1. Decluttering is great and it is something I want to keep on top of! However, my dad at the moment has a bee in his bonnet about clearing the loft and he’s bringing down at least 6 large boxes a day. This wouldn’t be too bad but my mother and I also have other priorities and we don’t have the time to clear the backlog. We’ve got boxes in every single room and it’s getting ridiculous. I know we’ll be happier at the end of it but we’d rather do it gradually than all at once.

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      1. Doing it gradually is better than all at once as breaking it helps it not feel like such a big job but hopefully you’ll manage to get through it all and fee good when you’ve finished ☺

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      2. Hopefully. I just wish my dad would have waited a few months and started all the decluttering when he doesn’t have major work deadlines!

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