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Least Favourite Books of 2017


Not too long ago, I published a post on my favourite books of the year. In order to create a bit of balance, it is only right that I shed some light on some of my least favourite books of 2017.

In terms of the books on this list, all of them are those I managed to finish reading. There are no DNFs, although I have had quite a few of those over the year and some of them are quite surprising. Most of these books are the ones that got a 3-star rating. That doesn’t  mean they are bad though. On the contrary, these were all okay, but they were just not as good as they could have been, and I didn’t completely click to the plots or the characters. Nevertheless, they just weren’t for me. I won’t leave a synopsis as we’d end up reading this post all day, and I’d end up repeating myself with each book. Saying that, the last book on the list does have a synopsis as it is the only non-fiction book on the list and it truly bugged me.

So with my rambling over, let’s get started.



Image result for the young elites

Image result for the dark days club


Image result for the art of aardman book

I know there is no plot to the Art of Aardman but this is one book I was incredibly disappointed in. There was a lot of concept art and brilliant photography but little to no writing about any of it. That’s what threw me because I have quite a few books like this about other films and tv programmes and there is an equal ratio of artwork and description. I know a picture is meant to be worth a thousand words, but none of those included in the book tell me how many people worked on making each feature-length or short film, what happened to the figurines when the fire broke out at the studios etc. I got nothing interesting from it and that is a huge shame because next to Disney and Pixar films, I grew up watching Aardman’s evolution on tv and the big screen.

Those are all the nine books. Again, I didn’t feel the need to write synopses for nearly all of them because my general thoughts would be the same – not as good as I thought, mediocre stories and characters etc..

However, if I had to choose one of the books to be at the number one spot, I think it would definitely be The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman because it fell incredibly short of my expectations. It had been described to me as Jane Austen vs Shadowhunters, but it took ages for any demon action to happen and I did not like Lady Helen or her tall, dark, handsome, suitor, of whose name I’ve completely forgotten. It is the book of the year I wish I had DNFed as I didn’t enjoy any of it.


What are some of your least favourite books from this year?

Have you read any of my selection? Did you like/dislike them?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

6 thoughts on “Least Favourite Books of 2017”

  1. Haven’t read any but I usually like Tess Gerritsen. However her last few have felt like she was just going through the motions. I gather that The Killing Place was consistent with that?


    1. I’ve not read her most recent Rizzoli and Isles thriller yet and neither have I finished my re-read of the newer books in the series so I can’t comment on those but I think The Killing Place (or Ice Cold as it’s called in the US) just happened to be that one book of hers I didn’t enjoy as much. Maura seemed very out of character and there wasn’t really a balance between her and Jane.

      Also, I think I was in a little bit of a reading slump when I read this so a lot of my feelings about it could have just been the slump talking.

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      1. I think she’s seemed a bit out of character for the last two books in the series. I’ve noticed issues in the balance in those as well. Hopefully upcoming books will address why that’s the case!

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      2. I’ll have to keep my eyes open to that when I get around to reading them again. Sometimes I read them so quickly that I miss all these things.

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      3. I don’t mind her doing that if there’s a reason for it. It we learn that there’s a reason for Maura behaving out of character, and it’s a good one, then I’m fine with that. Ditto for the imbalance.

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