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Bambi II: Thoughts and Opinions


Have you ever counted how many original animated feature films had sequels made during the late 90s and early-mid 2000s? Neither have I but I reckon there were quite a few. Disney were big at making sequels at that time (mainly direct to video) and many had mixed reviews. A lot of us say we don’t like these sequels because they either don’t posses the same quality as the original, the plots are weaker, there was no need for them to be made, etc but I am going to confess that I like some of the sequels and sometimes I prefer them to the original films *cough* The Little Mermaid II *cough*.

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One of the other sequels that I also like is Bambi II.

Now really, it isn’t a sequel because the story takes place during the timeline of Bambi, and specifically after the death of his mother. Bambi II is all about Bambi growing up, him learning to attract the attention of his father and what it means to be a leader of the forest.

What I like about the sequel is that it has the charm of the original classic. The friendship between Bambi and Thumper is fun to watch and it is the type of friendship that we can all respond to. It’s sweet, loving, supportive, and strong. In fact I love the scene where Thumper is trying to help Bambi learn how to be brave. It’s just charming and funny. Secondly, the charm wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the style of animation and the use of some of the original backgrounds. Most of it is CGI but you can see the old backgrounds spruced up a bit to provide the backdrop for this story. It works. I think I once watched a mash-up of Bambi and Bambi II on YouTube and from what I can remember, the transitions made between the two films were clean and smooth. If it wasn’t for the addition of a more modern soundtrack, you could think this “midquel” was made during Walt Disney’s time.

Moving onto the soundtrack, I think the two main songs stand out as being very pretty, soothing and Disney-esque. They’re full of hope, praise and generally happy. I also love them to bits!

There is Life:

At the First Sign of Spring:

There are a few more songs to the soundtrack, The Healing of a Heart, Sing The Day (originally a deleted song) and the addition of Little April Showers and Let’s Sing A Gay Little Sing Song, but these are the two that stand out for me. I tend to hear them a lot when I listen to RadioDisneyClub.fr radio and it helps me to remember that they are a part of the Disney music canon. They are rather underrated and some people might simply pass them off as the peppy pop music of the early-mid 2000s, but I’m quite fond of them.

Looking at the film as a whole, I believe it is one of Disney’s better sequels. If I can certainly watch it quite a few times and never be bored of it, it’s certainly decent enough.

What do you think of Bambi II?

Is it one of Disney’s better sequels?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!



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