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Book Haul


One of my last posts in September before I went on a blogging break was a book haul. I didn’t make a vow that it would be the last for a while, but I did say to myself that I would try to calm down and not buy books until after Christmas.

That failed. Miserably!

For this haul I blame Harry Potter’s Exhibition at the British Library, being stuck at a GB Deaf Swimming event in Manchester a few weeks ago and needing to wander round a bookshop, my mother asking me to purchase a cookery book from The Book People, and a horrendous reading slump!

From October to now, I have managed to buy a staggering 22 books including 4 pre-orders, what I think is my biggest haul to date!

I have no defence. It happened and that is that.

Anyway, what are the books?


noughts and crosses series

Pre-orders are:

  • The Book of Dust by Philip Pullman
  • The Butchering Art by Lyndsey Fitzharris (Kindle)
  • Keep The Home Fires Burning by Simon Block (Kindle)

Both the Harry Potter books started out being pre-orders on Kindle too but when I came to look at the books, I discovered that even on my tablet, the books didn’t really work well as e-books – I couldn’t zoom in on parts I wanted to read more clearly. It meant having to purchase the physical copies in Manchester University’s Blackwells when I was stuck in that area of Manchester a few weeks ago.


Pre-order – Let Darkness Bury the Dead by Maureen Jennings.

This particular lot happened when my sister dragged me into town last weekend. She wanted some more books and so when we were wandering around, these were a few of the books I picked up and couldn’t put down again. That is except for The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club. I went to pay for the other 4 and the woman behind the till was trying to sell this particular book. All she had to say to entice me to buy it was that she recommended it for fans of Philip Pullman! Who can say no to that!

Just to clarify, it was my sister who wanted books yet she only came out with one compared to my five! She clearly has more restraint than me.

Not going to lie though, purchasing these books did make me feel better about being dragged into the cold, wet Northern weather.

Anyway, all in all, this is a bit of an eclectic haul for me – a mix of non-fiction and fiction, Adult and YA.

I’m excited to read some of these and I’m very intrigued to see how I will find White Teeth. I had to read it for a university module in my final year and wasn’t too keen. However, I keept thinking about it a while ago and I decided that it should be one book to re-read and see if my opinions have changed. It has been three years so that should be long enough to form new opinions, plus I can’t even remember why I wasn’t keen on it in the first place.

Anyway, that is enough rambling from me.

Have you bought any new books recently?

Have you read any of these particular books? If so, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!



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