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Welcome back to Through The Decades and it is time for one of my favourite of the earliest classics to be thrown under the spotlight.

There’s something so incredibly innocent about this story of a young fawn, and I always found it very enticing and captivating when I was younger. I think because I adored anything animal related, it was one Disney film I watched a lot. To this day, I still love the warm friendship between Bambi, Thumper, and Flower and I think they are what makes this film so endearing. Also, I believe we can all relate to the feeling of growing up unsure of everything, stumbling over hurdles, trying to find our own feet in a world that can be both beautiful and violent.

Fun Facts

The film is based on the Felix Salten book titled Bambi: A Life in the Woods. The novel was not a work intended for children so Walt Disney had to edit a lot of the material so it was suitable. One way he did this was by adding Thumper and Flower for some added comic relief.

The animation from Bambi has been reused more often than animation from any other animated classic. Usually, it is used for background elements such as birds, leaves etc. Only a few of the major characters have been reused, for example, you can see Bambi’s mother in the opening shot of Beauty and the Beast, and both she and Bambi fully appear in The Rescuers.

There are approximately only 1,000 words of dialogue throughout the entire film.

Some of the scenes including woodland creatures and the forest fire are unused footage from Pinocchio.

In the original novel, Bambi and Faline are cousins.

After Dumbo, this is the second animated feature film to be set in the present day.

In the novel, Bambi was meant to be a roe deer. But as they don’t exist in the US, he was changed to a white-tailed deer so as to be more recognisable.

The name “Bambi” is derived from the word “bambino” which is Italian for “baby.” “Bambina” is “baby girl” and ironically, in Bambi II, Bambi is teased by Ronno for having a girl’s name.

What do you like about Bambi?

What do you think makes it an enduring classic?

What other posts inspired by Bambi would you like to see?

Thanks for reading and have a brazzle dazzle day!

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