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August Books

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How is everyone’s August going?

I know personally, I am counting down the days until the summer holidays end and all the kids go back to school. I’m ready to get back into the routine of Brownies every Monday evening and focusing on other things next to the general ups and downs of my family. Also, by the time the schools have re-opened, North West England might finally see some decent weather. Although, saying that, it has been nice and sunny today!

Anyway, after nearly two weeks of not blogging, I thought that I would bring you this month’s book haul. I know we have less than one week left in August but I am positive that I will not be buying or receiving any more books until we are firmly in September.

So, what books are they?

All of them are paperback apart from What I Couldn’t Tell You by Faye Bird, which I downloaded onto my Kindle.

Also, A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Bernard was first downloaded onto my Kindle before I purchased a physical copy. I had every intention of just keeping it as an e-book but when I was reading it over the last few days, I noticed an incredible detailing in the chapter headings that meant I had to pick up a paperback version too – they were all in British Sign Language as well as English! BSL!!!!


One thing you might notice in this haul is that the majority of the books are YA Contemporaries – WOAH! Hold up, I actually bought, and have already read and liked some of these contemporaries??


I’m in complete denial.

Well…maybe not, but I am glad there are some YA Contemporaries out there that are to my taste. Hopefully, this is a good sign that I will start to read more of them.

What I also find surprising is that three of these are about characters with Selective Mutism (A Quiet Kind of Thunder, Being Miss Nobody, and What I Couldn’t Tell You), a condition that doesn’t get a lot of awareness. Mainly, it’s that I’ve never seen one book that touches on the condition, then I suddenly come across three at once! That’s actually a good thing though because it shows more is being written. I’ve also heard that the representation in Being Miss Nobody is pretty spot on so that’s doubly fabulous!

I can’t wait to get round to reading all of these books so hopefully, that will happen soon.

After all those, I just have the book that was featured in this month’s FairyLoot box and that is:

Image result for wicked like a wildfire

This cover is so gorgeous and I can’t wait to get into the story!

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That is that for this book haul.

Have you read any of these books?
What books did you purchase this month?

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Thanks for reading and have a good day!

6 thoughts on “August Books”

    1. I enjoyed A Quiet Kind of Thunder. I skimmed a couple of passages that were just “wow that’s too much information” but apart from that it was great. From my point of view, the BSL representation was fantastic and I loved being able to relate to Steffi and her experiences of being in the Deaf world.


    1. I know!!

      I’ve started reading Being Miss Nobody and I quite like it so far. It’s not one I’ve heard anyone talk about so it’s nice going into it and not having any expectations.


      1. Yeah. I think I might start doing that more because it does make the reading experience more enjoyable as a whole.


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